Chapter 16.13


16.13.010    Approval required.

16.13.020    Scope.

16.13.030    Procedures.

16.13.040    Fees.

16.13.010 Approval required.

Any action which will result in a lot line adjustment as defined in this title shall be submitted to the planning department for administrative approval prior to recording.  (Ord. 1055 §3(part), 1998)

16.13.020 Scope.

The lot line adjustment process shall only be used to alter the location of a boundary line(s) between existing lots as defined in this title.  (Ord. 1055 §3(part), 1998)

16.13.030 Procedures.

A.  The proposal shall be submitted to the planning department for review on forms provided by that department.  The applicant for a lot line adjustment shall also submit the following:

1.  A mylar drawing as defined in this title which also depicts the existing and proposed property configuration, including all lot line dimensions, structures, ingress and egress, public right-of-ways, and any easements for affected lots;

2.  Signatures of all property owners affected by the lot line adjustment application;

3.  A legal description of the existing property configuration and proposed property configuration.  The administrator shall have the discretion to require a legal description be prepared by licensed professional engineer or professional land surveyor.

B.  The planning department shall give written preliminary approval to the applicant within thirty days of the date of application if it finds that:

1.  No new lots are created;

2.  Each parcel as proposed meets minimum lot standards as specified in Title 17, or that each parcel if already less than the required minimum is not further reduced as a result of the proposed lot line adjustment; and

3.  No lot is created or modified which does not have adequate drainage, water supply and sanitary sewage disposal, and access for vehicles, utilities and fire protection, and no existing easement in favor of the public is rendered impractical to serve its purpose; and

4.  The lot line adjustment improves the overall function and utility of the existing lots;

5.  The administrator may impose conditions or improvements to the application as related to meeting the requirements of subsections (B)(3) and (4) of this section.

C.  Review comments shall be returned to the surveyor for final mylar preparation, if any.  After final approval and signature by the administrator, the final mylar shall be recorded with the county auditor at the applicant’s expense within thirty days of approval from the administrator.  A copy of the recorded lot line adjustment shall be submitted to the administrator within fifteen days after recording to verify recording of the lot line adjustment and close the file.

D.  If the application is denied, a notice specifying the reasons for the denial shall be sent to the applicant within thirty days of application.  (Ord. 1055 §3(part), 1998)

16.13.040 Fees.

A nonrefundable application fee established in Chapter 16.07 of this title shall be submitted to the city clerk/treasurer with an application for lot line adjustment prior to recording the lot line adjustment with the county auditor.  (Ord. 1055 §3(part), 1998)