Chapter 17.13


17.13.010    Purpose.

17.13.020    When required.

17.13.030    Development permit application--Class (1) review.

17.13.040    Review procedures.

17.13.050    Approval.

17.13.060    Denial.

17.13.070    Appeals.

17.13.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes procedures for issuance of a development permit for uses requiring Class (1) review.  (Ord. 956(part), 1993)

17.13.020 When required.

Class (1) uses not requiring Class (2) review are permitted; provided, that district standards are met.  The building official shall use the procedures in this chapter to review Class (1) uses and associated site improvements for compliance with the provisions and standards of the zoning district in which they are located.  Class (1) uses require Class (2) review when:

A.  All or part of the development, except for agricultural buildings, single-family dwellings, and duplexes, is in the flood plain overlay district; or

B.  The proposed use includes hazardous materials; or

C.  The applicant requests adjustment of one or more of the specific development standards pursuant to Section 17.10.020.  (Ord. 956(part), 1993)

17.13.030 Development permit application--Class (1) review.

Applications for permits for Class (1) uses permitted outright in the district shall be made in writing to the building official on forms supplied by him.  A general site plan conforming to the provisions of Section 17.11.040 shall accompany the application.  The building official may request any other information necessary to clarify the application or determine compliance with, and provide for the enforcement of, this title.  (Ord. 956(part), 1993)

17.13.040 Review procedures.

The building official shall review all Class (1) uses for compliance with this title.  The building official shall forward all Class (1) uses requiring Class (2) review under Section 17.13.020, or other provisions of this title, to the administrative official for processing under Chapter 17.14.  The building official shall notify the applicant of the approval or denial of the application, request additional information, or forward the application to the administrative official for review.  (Ord. 1183 §2(part), 2008:  Ord. 956(part), 1993)

17.13.050 Approval.

The building official shall issue a development permit when he determines that:  (A) the proposed use is a Class (1) permitted use under Chapter 17.04; (B) the proposed development complies with the standards and provisions of this title; (C) the proposed development complies with the other uniform codes in effect and administered by the building official; (D) the proposed development complies with traffic engineering standards and policies established by the city of Wapato to protect the function and satisfactory level of service of arterial and collector streets; and (E) that any new improvements or expansion of a structure comply with the standards of this title.  (Ord. 956(part), 1993)

17.13.060 Denial.

When an application is denied, the building official shall cite the specific reasons and cite the specific chapters and sections of this title upon which denial is based.  The building official may also refer the applicant to the planning commission to determine if relief from such denial is available through other application.  (Ord. 1183 §2(part), 2008:  Ord. 956(part), 1993)

17.13.070 Appeals.

Any decision by the building official to deny issuance of a building permit for a Class (1) use may be appealed to the planning commission under the provisions Of Chapter 17.16.  (Ord. 956(part), 1993)