Chapter 17.86


17.86.010    Adopted.

17.86.020    Comprehensive plan amendments.

17.86.010 Adopted.

The comprehensive plan of the city of Wapato consisting of goals, policies and supporting data as adopted by city Ordinance No. 1217 is hereby incorporated herein and adopted as a guide for the development and redevelopment of lands within the city of Wapato urban growth area. (Ord. 1227 §1(part), 2010)

17.86.020 Comprehensive plan amendments.

A. Any person, firm, corporation, group of individuals, or municipal department may petition for an amendment to the comprehensive plan.

B. The planning commission may initiate an open record hearing for the purpose of considering amendments to the plan and provide a recommendation to city council.

C. The comprehensive plan shall not be amended more than once a year unless there is an emergency requiring an amendment. Emergencies are unforeseen and not reasonably foreseeable events where some threat of harm to the public interest is imminent. All petitions requesting amendments of the plan shall be accepted during any time of the year and held until such time as a hearing is scheduled as part of the comprehensive plan’s yearly review and amendment process.

D. The city sets the month of June to begin advertising requests to amend the comprehensive plan, November as the month in which requested amendments will be considered by the planning commission, and January as the month of the year in which amendments to the comprehensive plan will be scheduled for consideration by the city council. Applications for comprehensive plan amendments can be made at any time during a year; however, for consideration during the same year in which the application is made, the application must be submitted prior to planning commission consideration in November.

E. All petitions for comprehensive plan amendments shall be processed following the applicable sections of this title.

F. All petitions for comprehensive plan amendments shall be processed as a Class (3) review following the applicable sections of this title.

G. The city will docket (record for future action) all comprehensive plan amendments in the following manner:

1. City staff will keep a docket of initiated comprehensive plan amendments.

2. The docket will include the following information:

a. File number;

b. Name and address of the person or agency proposing the plan amendment;

c. Type of amendment being proposed and description of the amendment;

d. Initial year of proposed amendment; and

e. Section, township, and range of affected area, if applicable.

H. The docket and all application files will be available for public review at City Hall during normal business hours. (Ord. 1227 §1(part), 2010)