Chapter 19.04


19.04.010    Application.

19.04.020    Pre-application meeting.

19.04.030    Optional consolidated permit processing.

19.04.040    Determination of completeness.

19.04.050    "Complete" application--Additional information.

19.04.060    Incomplete application procedure.

19.04.070    City’s failure to provide determination of completeness.

19.04.010 Application.

A.  All applications for development permits shall be prepared on forms provided by the administrative official.  All information requested on the application shall be provided for by the applicant before application submittal.  All applications shall be signed by the property owner or show owner consent of the application by the agent acting on the owner’s behalf.

B.  Applications and all applicable fees shall be submitted at the time of application unless otherwise specified.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)

19.04.020 Pre-application meeting.

Applicants for all Class 2 and Class 3 applications shall make an appointment for and attend a pre-application meeting.  The purpose of meeting with the applicant is to identify and discuss permit procedures, project requirements, permit fees, schedules, and information that will be necessary for project review.  The administrative official may invite representatives from city departments and other possibly affected agencies to attend.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)

19.04.030 Optional consolidated permit processing.

A.  An applicant whose project requires two or more permits may elect to process all related project permit applications as a consolidated permit application.  The administrator shall assign the highest-class review classification of the individual permits being sought to the consolidated permit application.  In the absence of such election by the applicant, the project permit applications shall be processed separately, with each project permit application processed individually in descending order of classification from highest to lowest.

B.  Combined public hearing may be held with another local, state, regional, federal or other agency and the city, as long as:

1.  The other agency is not expressly prohibited by statute from doing so;

2.  Sufficient notice of the hearing is given to meet each of the agencies’ adopted notice requirements as set forth in statute, ordinance, or rule;

3.  The agency has received the necessary information about the proposed project from the applicant in enough time to hold its hearing at the same time as the local government hearing.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)

19.04.040 Determination of completeness.

A.  Within twenty-eight days after receiving a project permit application the city shall mail or provide in person a written determination to the applicant, on all project permit applications that are not determined by the administrator to be exempt from this title applicant, which states:

1.  That the application is complete or that the application is incomplete and what is necessary to make the application complete;

2.  To the extent known by the city, the identity of other permits required by the project application; and

3.  To the extent known by the city, the identity of other agencies of local, state, or federal governments that have jurisdiction on the application.

B.  Nothing in this title shall limit the administrative official from incorporating the notice of application and determination of completeness into one document.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)

19.04.050 "Complete" application--Additional information.

A.  A project application is complete for purposes of this section when the administrator determines it is sufficient for continued processing even though additional information may be required.

B.  The city’s determination of completeness shall not preclude the city from requesting additional information or studies either at the time of the notice of completeness or at some later time if substantial project modifications are undertaken subsequent to the determination of completeness or if new information is required.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)

19.04.060 Incomplete application procedure.

If the city determines an application is not complete, the city shall identify what additional information is necessary for continued processing.  Within fourteen days after an applicant has submitted the additional information, the city shall determine whether or not the application is complete and notify the applicant in the same manner.  If the applicant either refuses in writing to submit additional information or does not submit the required information within ninety days of the request, the application shall lapse and become void.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)

19.04.070 City’s failure to provide determination of completeness.

A project permit application shall be deemed complete under this section if the city does not provide a written determination to the applicant that the application is incomplete.  (Ord. 1063 §2(part), 1999)