Chapter 2.120


2.120.010    Purpose.

2.120.020    Commission established – Membership.

2.120.030    Rules of procedure.

2.120.040    Authority and responsibilities.

2.120.050    Meetings and staff services.

2.120.060    Budget and compensation.

2.120.010 Purpose.

As a matter of public policy, the city recognizes that support for artists and arts organizations, development and stewardship of public art, arts education, and cultural development are public necessities and essential for the continuing growth and development of Washougal’s citizens, economy, and quality of life. The primary duty of the Washougal arts commission is to identify and actively encourage the development and sustainability of the arts in the city by serving as the city’s primary resource in matters of public art and culture, as provided for in this chapter. (Ord. 1843 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.120.020 Commission established – Membership.

(1) The arts commission (hereafter “commission”) shall be composed of no fewer than five and no more than nine members, who shall be appointed by the mayor, with approval of the city council.

(2) The terms of the members shall be for three years; provided, of the initial members, at least one-third shall be appointed to a one-year term, at least one-third shall be appointed to a two-year term and the rest of the members to a three-year term to stagger membership expiration. Subsequent appointments shall be to fill any unexpired term or to a three-year term.

(3) Prior to appointing members, public notice of available positions shall be provided at least two weeks in advance of the appointment. Applicants for vacant positions shall apply to the office of the city manager.

(4) Vacancies occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall be filled in the manner used for regular appointments.

(5) To the extent reasonably possible, the city shall seek representation on the commission from as many as possible of the following arts and professions: painting, sculpture, music, literature, architecture and landscape architecture, performing arts, and art history, as well as members who have an interest in the artistic and cultural development of the city. The city shall attempt to have one member from a local or regional arts organization, one youth member, and one member that is or previously held a position as an arts educator. However, any person, whether or not a Washougal resident, may apply and be considered for membership on the commission. Members shall be selected without respect to political affiliations; however, a majority of the members shall at all times be either (a) Washougal residents, (b) work in Washougal, or (c) own a business in Washougal. Two of the positions on the commission shall be filled only by Washougal residents; however, a vacancy in either of those two positions shall not affect whether or not the commission can have a quorum for purposes of transacting business. (Ord. 1909 § 1 (Exh. A), 2020; Ord. 1843 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.120.030 Rules of procedure.

(1) The commission shall adopt procedural rules governing the transaction of its business. The rules shall include provisions for the date, time and place of regular meetings of the commission. Provisions shall be made for maintaining minutes of commission meetings and records of all commission board reports, conclusions and recommendations. The rules of procedure shall provide for the election of commission officers, which shall include a chairperson and vice chairperson, and any other such office as it may determine it requires. The term of these offices shall be for one year.

(2) The rules of the commission shall provide that all commission meetings shall be open to the public and that notice of meetings shall comply with the Washington Open Public Meetings Act – Chapter 42.30 RCW – to the extent proceedings of the commission are governed by such Act. The procedures shall address receipt and processing of citizen proposals and requests.

(3) The rules of the commission shall provide that arts commission records shall be public records available to the public as provided under Chapter 42.56 RCW. The procedures shall address the disposition of commission records and public records requests. (Ord. 1843 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.120.040 Authority and responsibilities.

(1) The commission is an advisory body to the city council on issues relating to artwork and artistic endeavors in the city of Washougal.

(2) The term “artwork” as used in this chapter shall include, without limitations, paintings, murals, stained glass, sculptures, bas-reliefs, monuments, fountains, arches or other structures of a permanent or temporary character intended for ornament or commemoration or any such graphics display as may be incorporated into the design and construction of public improvements deemed to illustrate historical, cultural or artistic impression.

(3) The commission shall be responsible for:

(a) Developing policies for the acquisition, display and presentation/placement of public artwork;

(b) Identifying projects that can benefit from artists’ involvement;

(c) Selecting artists to be commissioned, provided they are consistent with the venue, community standards, plans of the city and within the commission’s current budget, to be approved by the city council;

(d) Providing advice to the city manager regarding appropriate maintenance of public artwork after the work is in place.

(4) The commission is authorized to take the following actions:

(a) Advise the city council on the receipt of and/or purchase of artwork to be placed on municipal property;

(b) Review and make recommendations to the city council on all artwork acquired by the city;

(c) Gather information, perform studies and do whatever is deemed necessary to acquire a sufficient basis so as to adequately advise the city council as to the appropriate cultural and artistic development for the city;

(d) Provide recommendations to the city council in connection with cultural and artistic endeavors, projects, acquisition of funds and expenditures in which the city becomes involved and will act as representative of the community in such matters;

(e) Encourage, conduct, sponsor or co-sponsor public programs to further the development and public awareness of, and interest in, the arts and Washougal’s cultural heritage;

(f) Encourage donations, grants and other support to further expand the arts and cultural services and programs available to the citizens of Washougal, including obtaining private, local, state and federal funds;

(g) Develop cooperation and coordination with Washougal schools and local, regional and national arts organizations;

(h) Provide public information about art and culture in the city or affecting the city;

(i) Serve as the “point of contact” for all residents and groups in Washougal to bring their concerns and ideas in regard to the arts;

(j) Explore, promote, provide encouragement and aid to arts-related projects and events that provide an economic benefit and/or beautify and enhance the image of the city;

(k) To take such other actions as the city council may direct from time to time.

(5) The commission shall not incur any indebtedness on behalf of the city without express approval of the city council. (Ord. 1909 § 1 (Exh. A), 2020; Ord. 1843 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.120.050 Meetings and staff services.

(1) The commission shall meet regularly, at least once per quarter, at a date, time and place to be established by the commission. Commission meetings shall be open to the public and written meeting minutes shall be maintained and made available to the public upon approval of the minutes by the commission. Special meetings of the commission may be called at any time by the chair or by a majority of the members of the commission upon written notice being given to all members of the commission with a copy of the notice and agenda sent to the newspaper. All meetings must be properly noticed in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act – Chapter 42.30 RCW.

(2) The city manager shall appoint staff to provide assistance to the commission as available and as permitted by the budget.

(3) The commission shall make a report to the city council at least annually, covering its respective activities for the past year and the recommended scope of activities for the forthcoming year. (Ord. 1909 § 1 (Exh. A), 2020; Ord. 1843 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.120.060 Budget and compensation.

Arts commission programs and expenses shall be funded from grants, donations, admission charges and/or from monies appropriated by the city council, in an amount that the city council determines appropriate. (Ord. 1843 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018)