Chapter 3.22


3.22.010    Created – Use.

3.22.020    Procedures for expenditure.

3.22.030    Funds to be appropriated prior to expenditure.

3.22.010 Created – Use.

There is created for the city a fund to be known as federal shared revenue fund in which all revenue from federal shared funds shall be deposited. This fund shall be identified by Fund No. 199. (Ord. 489 § 1, 1972)

3.22.020 Procedures for expenditure.

All moneys received into this fund shall be expended either by warrants drawn against said fund or by transfers to salary and claim funds where legally authorized. (Ord. 489 § 2, 1972)

3.22.030 Funds to be appropriated prior to expenditure.

No funds shall be expended until properly appropriated. (Ord. 489 § 3, 1972)