Chapter 3.28


3.28.010    City treasurer authorized to make investments.

3.28.020    Monthly report.

3.28.030    Conversion of securities into cash.

3.28.040    Investment of excess revenues.

3.28.010 City treasurer authorized to make investments.

Pursuant to RCW 35.39.032, the city council authorizes the city treasurer to determine the amount of money available in each fund for investment purposes and to make investments as are now or hereafter authorized by law. (Ord. 473 § 2, 1972)

3.28.020 Monthly report.

The city treasurer shall make a monthly report of all investments, reporting all transactions to the city council. (Ord. 473 § 3, 1972)

3.28.030 Conversion of securities into cash.

The city treasurer may at any time convert any of its investment securities, or any part thereof, into cash. (Ord. 473 § 4, 1972)

3.28.040 Investment of excess revenues.

The council of the city does authorize the finance director, the deputy finance director or designated finance officer under the finance director to deposit and withdraw city funds in state approved banking institutions as outlined in RCW 35.39.032. (Ord. 1267 § 1, 1997)