Chapter 3.89


3.89.010    Authorization to waive penalty.

3.89.010 Authorization to waive penalty.

The finance director or his designee is authorized to waive all or any portion of the penalties and interest resulting from the late payment of utility bills if:

(1) The director determines that late payment was the result of excusable neglect or extreme hardship;

(2) Where a utility customer has made arrangements with the city, prior to the date the billing is due, for deferral of the payment of the bill;

(3) Where another public agency must obtain approval for payment of the billing and the customer’s payment cycle is inconsistent with the city’s billing cycle; or

(4) In such other circumstances where, in the judgment of the finance director or his/her designee, the customer can demonstrate a bona fide economic hardship. (Ord. 1415 § 1, 2001)