Chapter 3.94


3.94.010    Issuance of permit – Required fees and inspection.

3.94.010 Issuance of permit – Required fees and inspection.

(1) The director of public works shall not issue a right-of-way permit until the department has conducted an initial field inspection and the applicant has met the conditions of WMC 12.30.020, paid an initial permit fee of $50.00 to the city, and posted any bond required by other sections of this chapter. In addition to the initial permit fee, the applicant may be required to pay an inspection fee.

(2) All work performed by the permittee within the city’s right-of-way shall be inspected by the department of public works. The permittee shall notify the department at least 24 hours in advance of performing the inspection. Inspections may be performed periodically by the city without notice to or permission from the permittee to determine if the construction conforms to appropriate standards.

(3) The permittee will be assessed an inspection fee for performing said inspection or inspections. The fee will be based on the following schedule:

(a) The first $1,500 value of the proposed construction (as determined by the city) will be covered in the $50.00 initial permit fee submitted with the application.

(b) For construction valued over $1,500, the applicant will be required to pay the $50.00 initial permit fee and two and one-half percent of the value of the construction (as determined by the city).

(4) If a permit expires, for any reason, and the work allowed under the permit is not completed at that time, a new application may be required by the director of public works and a new initial permit fee and, if necessary, inspection fee shall be assessed before work can commence or recommence under a new permit. (Ord. 1532 § 1, 2005; Ord. 1173 § 3, 1995. Formerly 12.30.030)