Chapter 5.28


5.28.010    Fee – Designated.

5.28.020    Required.

5.28.030    Application.

5.28.040    Fee – Transfer.

5.28.050    Fee – Six-month calendar period.

5.28.060    Fee – Collection enforcement.

5.28.070    Fee – Collection by city.

5.28.080    Revocation.

5.28.010 Fee – Designated.

There is levied and shall be collected a semiannual license fee of $30.00 against every person, firm or corporation furnishing the opportunity to dance in connection with the operation of taverns and establishments for the dispensing of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises under Class H liquor licenses, as defined by the laws of the state of Washington. This chapter shall not be construed as imposing a license fee upon the sale or privilege of selling beer, wine or any other intoxicating liquor, but rather as imposing a license fee solely upon the business or privilege of furnishing the opportunity to dance in connection therewith. (Ord. 192 § 1, 1954)

5.28.020 Required.

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in or carry on any such business, activity or privilege without first paying for and procuring a license so to do, as hereinafter provided. (Ord. 192 § 2, 1954)

5.28.030 Application.

Every person, firm or corporation desiring to engage in any such business activity or privilege in the city shall make application for the license so to do with the clerk, upon a form to be furnished by the city clerk. This form shall contain the name and residence of the applicant and the place where the business is proposed to be conducted. The city clerk shall then transmit the application to the city council and, if deemed necessary, the council may cause the applicant and his premises to be investigated as to fitness for a permit under this chapter. The city council, after hearing such evidence on the matter as they may deem necessary, shall either grant or deny the license. The license shall be granted for dancing on any portion of the premises in question if the council is satisfied as to the propriety of the same. (Ord. 350 § 1, 1967; Ord. 192 § 3, 1954)

5.28.040 Fee – Transfer.

Each and every license granted hereunder shall be personal to the licensee and shall not be assignable or transferable, except upon payment of a transfer fee of $10.00 and upon obtaining approval thereof from the city council. (Ord. 192 § 4, 1954)

5.28.050 Fee – Six-month calendar period.

The license fee hereinbefore provided for shall be for the calendar periods January 1st to June 30th, and from July 1st to December 31st, or for any part thereof, and each applicant shall pay the full license fee for the current six-month calendar period, or balance thereof, and each license issued hereunder shall expire June 30th or December 31st next following its date of issue, as the case may be. (Ord. 192 § 5, 1954)

5.28.060 Fee – Collection enforcement.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to require all parties engaging in any such business activity or privilege as hereinbefore provided for, to procure such license and pay the fee therefor, and should there be any license fee unpaid for by any person, it shall be the duty of the city clerk to enforce the collection thereof in the manner in this chapter provided for. (Ord. 192 § 6, 1954)

5.28.070 Fee – Collection by city.

If any person required to pay a license fee by this chapter shall fail or refuse to pay the same for any year as herein provided for, such fee may be collected by the city in a proper action brought for the purpose. This remedy is cumulative and not exclusive. (Ord. 192 § 7, 1954)

5.28.080 Revocation.

In addition to other fines and penalties that may be imposed herein, the city acting by its council may, at any time, upon a hearing held not less than three days after written notice to licensee of the time and place thereof and upon proof of the conviction of any licensee of a violation of any city or any state or federal law or for other cause deemed to them sufficient, revoke any license issued by virtue hereof. This power to revoke is cumulative and shall not impair the right of the city to set under any other chapter now or hereafter in effect regulating the procedure for revocation of licenses. (Ord. 192 § 8, 1954)