Chapter 5.56


5.56.010    Definition.

5.56.020    Exemption.

5.56.030    Duration.

5.56.040    Signs.

5.56.050    Permit.

5.56.060    Penalty.

5.56.010 Definition.

As used in this chapter, “garage sale” means the public sale of new or used goods within the city by any individual or group of individuals from any private or public property, including but not limited to, garages, porches, basements, carports and yards, when:

(1) Said individual or group of individuals is not regularly engaged in the business of selling such goods; or

(2) When the property on which such sale is conducted is not regularly used for business purposes or is not in a zone permitting commercial use. (Ord. 732 § 1, 1980)

5.56.020 Exemption.

The following are exempt from the provisions of this section:

(1) The offering for sale of one item by public display with a sign indicating the item is for sale, and the sale of more than one individual item not offered for sale by public display or by signs concerning a sale or place of sale; and

(2) Sales commonly referred to as “rummage sales,” conducted by members of fraternal, civic, patriotic, religious, service, charitable, educational or organizations with a chapter, lodge, post, congregation, or other unit thereof existing within the city. (Ord. 732 § 1, 1980)

5.56.030 Duration.

(1) No property owner or householder shall hold or conduct more than one garage sale on his/her property or at his/her residence in any one calendar year quarter, as defined in this section, and such sale shall not be conducted for a longer period than three consecutive days.

(2) Calendar year quarters as herein used are:

First quarter: January 1st through April 30th;

Second quarter: May 1st through August 31st;

Third quarter: September 1st through December 31st.

(3) The hours of such sale activity shall be between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (Ord. 732 § 1, 1980)

5.56.040 Signs.

Such garage sales may be advertised only by signs on the property of the property owner or resident and by radio, TV and newspaper advertising. No off-premises signs are permitted on the property of others without their permission, and then, only when in compliance with Washougal zoning ordinance regulations. (Ord. 732 § 1, 1980)

5.56.050 Permit.

No permit, permit fee or notice to the city is required for holding such activities as permitted in this chapter. (Ord. 732 § 1, 1980)

5.56.060 Penalty.

Property owners or householders presumed to be in violation of this chapter shall be served with a copy of this chapter at least five days before any enforcement action is commenced; however, such property owner or householder, once served, shall be presumed to be advised of the existence of this chapter and any further presumed violations by such person may cause enforcement action without such notice.

Any person, persons, firms, organizations, associations, or corporations found to be in violation hereof by a court of competent jurisdiction shall be subject to a fine of not less than $10.00 nor more than $100.00. Each day that a garage sale is held in violation of this chapter shall constitute a separate offense. (Ord. 732 § 1, 1980)