Chapter 7.36


7.36.010    RCW 48.48.140 – Adopted.

7.36.010 RCW 48.48.140 – Adopted.

The city does hereby adopt by this reference in total, RCW 48.48.140 entitled “Smoke Detection Devices in Dwelling Units – Penalty.” Said adoption shall include the following:

Smoke Detection Devices in Dwelling Units – Penalty:

(1) Smoke detection devices shall be installed inside all dwelling units:

(a) Occupied by persons other than the owner on or after December 31, 1981; or

(b) Built or manufactured in this state after December 31, 1980.

(2) The smoke detection devices shall be designed, manufactured, and installed inside dwelling units in conformance with:

(a) Nationally accepted standards; and

(b) As provided by the Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 34.04 RCW, Rules and Regulations promulgated by the State Fire Marshal.

(3) Installation of smoke detection devices shall be the responsibility of the owner. Maintenance of smoke detection devices shall be the responsibility of the tenant, who shall maintain the device as specified by the manufacturer. At the time of a vacancy, the owner shall ensure that the smoke detection device is operational prior to the reoccupancy of the dwelling unit.

(4) Any owner or tenant failing to comply with this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than $50.00.

(5) For the purposes of this section:

(a) “Dwelling unit” means a single unit providing complete, independent living facilities for one or more persons including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation; and

(b) “Smoke detection device” means an assembly incorporating in one unit a device which detects visible or invisible particles of combustion, the control equipment, and the alarm sounding device, operated by a power supply either in the unit or obtained at the point of installation.

(Ord. 905 § 1, 1988)