Chapter 10.28


10.28.010    Established.

10.28.025    Fifteenth Street.

10.28.030    Vehicle width limitation.

10.28.010 Established.

There are established certain routes over and along the public streets and highways of the city which are to be known as truck routes. These routes are established by the supervisor of public works with the approval of the city council and are to be posted by appropriate signs. (Ord. 357 § 7, 1967)

10.28.025 Fifteenth Street.

A truck route shall be designated on Fifteenth Street from Highway 14 north to “E” Street; then east on “E” Street to 32nd; then south on 32nd to the Industrial Park. (Ord. 806 § 2, 1982)

10.28.030 Vehicle width limitation.

No vehicles in excess of 14 feet in width shall use the streets of Washougal except by special permit from the policing authority of the city whereby vehicles may be granted special permission to use the truck route as established by Washougal ordinance. (Ord. 470 § 1, 1972)