Chapter 10.36


10.36.010    Parking restrictions.

10.36.020    Speed limit.

10.36.030    Motor bike, motorized scooter restrictions.

10.36.040    Stop sign placement.

10.36.050    Posting.

10.36.010 Parking restrictions.

There shall be no parking in Hathaway Park as follows:

(1) From the north entrance to the beach and to the playing field gate and also in front of this gate;

(2) On either side of street leading into the park from “H” Street north 400 feet to lower park;

(3) On the west side of 25th Street between “G” and “H” Streets. (Ord. 456 § 2, 1971)

10.36.020 Speed limit.

The speed limit in Hathaway Park shall not exceed 10 miles per hour. (Ord. 456 § 3, 1971)

10.36.030 Motor bike, motorized scooter restrictions.

There shall be no motor bikes or motorized scooters in this park except on paved or graveled roads. (Ord. 456 § 4, 1971)

10.36.040 Stop sign placement.

A stop sign shall be placed on the north side of 24th Street leading onto “G” Street and a four-way stop sign shall be placed at the intersection of 17th Street and “A” Street for a period of six months from the date hereof and at the expiration of said six-month period, the stop signs on “A” Street at 17th Street shall be removed to allow through traffic along “A” Street. (Ord. 532 § III, 1974; Ord. 456 § 5, 1971)

10.36.050 Posting.

The director of public works shall post the traffic regulations pursuant to this chapter. (Ord. 456 § 6, 1971)