Chapter 13.24


13.24.010    Extensions – Petition procedure.

13.24.020    Contract for temporary service.

13.24.030    Recodified.

13.24.040    Additional system connection charge for properties connecting to water or sewer extension projects.

13.24.010 Extensions – Petition procedure.

Extensions to water mains will be made only upon proper petitions to the city. The city shall have the right to reject such petitions or enter contract with the petitioners under such conditions as the city may elect to use the work force account, using water revenue to pay the costs of such expansion or have the petitioners pay the total amount of costs to the city prior to installation of the main extension. Unless otherwise approved by the director, all main extensions shall be made to the furthest property line. Ordinarily, water main extensions must be paid for by the customer or customers to be served. (Ord. 1140 § 1, 1994; Ord. 240 Art. 6 § 1, 1958)

13.24.020 Contract for temporary service.

The city may enter into contracts allowing temporary services to mains on other streets, providing that the service shall be terminable when mains are installed in front of the consumer’s property and the customer signs a contract agreeing to pay his proportionate share when a water main is installed in front of or abutting his property. (Ord. 240 Art. 6 § 2, 1958)

13.24.030 Water, sewer and storm system construction plans – Review, inspection and fees.

Recodified under Chapter 3.93 WMC by Ord. 1534.

13.24.040 Additional system connection charge for properties connecting to water or sewer extension projects.

(1) Whenever the city constructs a sewer or water main extension which will provide connections for or benefit only a limited number of properties within a defined geographic area, the owners of those properties who thereafter seek connection of the property and improvements to the city’s water or sewer system through the extension shall be required to pay, in addition to the general connection charge then in effect, an additional connection charge consisting of an equitable share of the costs which have been incurred by the city to design, engineer, construct and install the water or sewer main extension. The foregoing additional connection charge shall be payable only with respect to those properties that have not previously been included in a local improvement district or utility local improvement district undertaken to finance all or a part of the costs of the water or sewer main extension.

(2) The amount of the water or sewer additional connection charge and the area or properties which will be required to pay the same shall be established by resolution or ordinance of the city council and the amount shall be determined generally by dividing the total costs of the project within the public right-of-way or easement by the estimated maximum number of benefited. In determining the amount of the charges, the city council shall consider the costs which have been incurred to design, engineer, construct and install the water or sewer main extension.

(3) The additional connection charge will include an interest charge equal to the greater of six percent or 75 percent of the prime rate of Bank of America (as then in effect) from the completion of the improvement until the time of connection.

(4) The additional connection charge will be due and payable upon connection to the city’s water and/or sewer system. (Ord. 1367 §§ 1 – 4, 1999)