Chapter 13.36


13.36.010    Interruption or shortage of supply.

13.36.020    Loss or damage for defect in customer’s line.

13.36.030    Damage due to failure to give shut-off notice.

13.36.040    Preference to customer during shortage.

13.36.010 Interruption or shortage of supply.

The city will exercise reasonable diligence and care to furnish and deliver a continuous and sufficient supply of pure water to the customers, and to avoid any shortage or interruption of delivery. The city will not be liable for high or low pressure conditions, chemical or bacteriological conditions, interruption or shortage or insufficiency of supply, or any loss or damage occasioned thereby. The use of water upon the premises of the customer is at the risk of the customer, and the responsibility of the city shall cease at the point of delivery. Unless otherwise specified in agreement, the point of delivery shall be the point where the city service line attaches to the customer’s line. (Ord. 240 Art. 8 § 1, 1958)

13.36.020 Loss or damage for defect in customer’s line.

The city shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever caused by any defect in the customer’s line, plumbing or equipment, and the city may, without further notice, discontinue service to any customer when a defective condition of plumbing or equipment upon the premises of the customer results, or is likely to result, in interference with proper service or likely to cause contamination of the water. The city does not assume the duty of inspecting the customer’s line, plumbing and equipment, and shall not be responsible therefor and will not be liable for failure of customer to receive service on account of defective plumbing or apparatus on the customer’s premises, or for excessive consumption. (Ord. 240 Art. 8 § 2, 1958)

13.36.030 Damage due to failure to give shut-off notice.

In cases where a water shut-off is necessary for repair, reconstruction, improvements, damage prevention, or similar causes, the water department will endeavor to give advance notices to its customers of such expected shut-off; provided, however, that the water department will not be responsible for any damage which may result from any cessation of service such as above outlined, nor for failure to give notice of shut-off when circumstances are such that it is impossible to give notice as above stated. (Ord. 240 Art. 8 § 3, 1958)

13.36.040 Preference to customer during shortage.

In case of shortage of supply, the city reserves the right to give preference in the matter of furnishing service to customers, as in the judgment of its representatives shall be for the best interests of the city, from the standpoint of public convenience and necessity. (Ord. 240 Art. 8 § 4, 1958)