Chapter 14.14


14.14.010    Customer responsibility.

14.14.020    Cleanout required.

14.14.030    Blockage – Responsibility for clearing.

14.14.010 Customer responsibility.

Sewer service customers are responsible for the free-flowing of their service line from the building to the street main. (Ord. 849 § 1, 1985)

14.14.020 Cleanout required.

(1) Private service lines shall be connected to the sewer stub at the property line by means of a properly installed and adequately witnessed cleanout, meeting current APWA specifications and complying with the International Building Code.

(2) If the customer, at any time, is required to uncover the connection of the building sewer to the sewer stub in order to correct or remove a blockage, this junction shall not be covered until an appropriate and correct cleanout has been properly installed, inspected and witnessed. This will usually not be done by city personnel unless an emergency or problem of public health exists. (Ord. 1612 § 1 (Exh. A), 2008; Ord. 849 § 1, 1985)

14.14.030 Blockage – Responsibility for clearing.

(1) When Cleanout Exists. When such a correctly installed and locatable cleanout exists, the city field personnel will respond to requests for assistance in the correction of sewer blockages. This assistance will be limited to verifying that the stub is clear from the street main to the cleanout.

(a) If the blockage exists at the cleanout, indicating improper original installation, or between the cleanout and the building, then the correction of the blockage shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.

(b) If the blockage exists between the cleanout and the street main, the city personnel shall correct the blockage and restore free flow at no expense to the customer. To assure continued free flow of the sewer stub, the city personnel shall be permitted on the customer’s property, from time to time, for the purpose of performing any necessary or periodic maintenance.

(2) When No Cleanout Exists. In the case of blockages where no cleanout exists at the junction of the lateral stub and house sewer, the city’s responsibility shall be limited to assuring that the street main is flowing free. (Ord. 849 § 1, 1985)