Chapter 3.99


3.99.010    Fees established.

3.99.010 Fees established.

The following fees shall be paid to the town clerk by the applicant for the following land use applications:



Rezone/Planned Development/


Master Site Plan Residential



0 5 Lots



6 10 Lots



Over 10 Lots


Planned Development/Master


Site Plan

$450 + $25/lot

Master Planned Resort

$500 + expenses

Major Subdivision (Preliminary



$450 + $25/lot

Short Subdivision

$200 + $35/lot

Amend Short Subdivision (Add Lots)

$200 + $35/lot

Final Review


Binding Site Plan

$350 + $35/lot

Amend Binding Site Plan (Add Lots)

$100 + $35/lot



Final Review


Major Subdivision/Short Subdivision/Binding Site Plan Extension

1/2 of original fee

Subdivision Variance


Amend/Alter Plat (Administrative)

$200 + $35/lot

Amend/Alter Plat (Add for Public Hearing)


Final Review


Full Administrative Review (Title 14)


(Ag to Ag Transfers; Farmstead


Division; Multifamily, Commercial,


Industrial Building Project




Limited Administrative Review


(Title 14)



Projects Up to $10,000 Value

$100 (applied to permit fees)


Projects $10,000 or More Value


Conditional Use Permits


Home Occupations




Comprehensive Plan Amendments






Land Use Designation

Same as rezone fees


Urban Growth Boundary

$250 + expenses
(max $5,000)






SEPA Checklist



With Published Notice



Without Published Notice


Environmental Impact Statement

$500 + expenses
(max $10,000)




Mitigated DNS, Expanded



$250 + expenses
(max $10,000)




Rehearing Fee


Construction Inspection

Actual expenses




Driveway Permits


Manufactured Housing Title Elimination


Recoupment of Professional Fees

At the town’s discretion, outside professional assistance including, but not limited to, engineering, planning, hearing examiner, and legal services, may be utilized to review and administer land use applications, the cost of which will be borne by the applicant, if the costs are over and beyond the application fee. When the town determines that these outside professional assistance costs will exceed the application fees, it may notify the applicant in the letter of complete application that additional professional assistance fees are likely. If requested to do so, the applicant shall place a deposit with the town in an amount determined appropriate by the town, but not less than $2,000, prior to any necessary public hearing being scheduled. The town will draw on this deposit when costs accrued exceed the application fee, and at no time shall the balance of the deposit be less than $1,000. If the balance is less than the minimum balance, the applicant shall reimburse the account to the minimum balance within 30 days of notice given by the town, or the processing of the permit shall cease until such time as the required deposit is received from the applicant. Final approval of a development permit application shall not be considered where there are outstanding fees and costs remaining to be paid by the applicant. Upon final approval, the town shall return any remaining deposit to the applicant. For applications requesting approval of a major subdivision, upon receiving preliminary approval from the town, the deposit account shall be increased, where necessary, to reach an amount that is equal to five percent of the total estimated construction costs as approved by the town engineer, the balance of which shall not drop below $2,000. Final approval of the application for subdivision shall not be considered until such time as any and all outstanding fees and costs are paid in full.

All fees shall be paid upon application to the town clerk. All fees are nonrefundable regardless of the outcome of the application with the exception of the building permit fee in excess of the nonrefundable portion in the sum of $100.00. (Ord. 608, 2001; Ord. 547, 1996).



For building permit fees, see WMC 15.04.030.