Chapter 1.11


1.11.010    Created.

1.11.020    Duties and responsibilities.

1.11.030    Repealed.

1.11.040    Repealed.

1.11.050    Personnel office.

1.11.010 Created.

There is hereby created the office of city administrator which office shall be filled for an indefinite term by a majority vote of the city commission. The city administrator shall serve as the chief administrative officer of the city of Wenatchee under the direction and authority of the mayor and commission. (Ord. 3133 § 1, 1995)

1.11.020 Duties and responsibilities.

The city administrator’s essential duties and responsibilities shall include the following:

(1) Assist the mayor and commission generally in conducting the city’s business in all matters, and perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as the mayor or commission directs, or as ordinances and resolution of the city commission require.

(2) Report regularly to the commission on the status of city operations and programs.

(3) Appoint, with commission confirmation, and serve as the immediate supervisor to all city department heads, and confer with department heads on goals, organization, staffing, special needs and problems.

(4) Coordinate the activities of all departments to meet overall organizational goals; head the management team in effecting actions which carry out policies as set by the city commission.

(5) Be responsible for the overall supervision, direction, evaluation, training and recruitment of city personnel.

(6) Review and approve operating procedures and performance standards for city departments.

(7) Plan, prepare, and coordinate the preparation and administration of the city budget, prepare the budget message, and submit the budget to the city commission.

(8) Be responsible for the administration of the city budget after adoption; and monitor purchases and expenditures of all departments, commissions and boards.

(9) In conjunction with the commission, address and/or meet and confer with local business groups, individuals, citizen groups and other government officials regarding issues, needs and problems facing the city.

(10) Attend meetings of the city commission.

(11) Represent the city in interjurisdictional matters and meetings as assigned.

(12) Respond to the media and other organizations as necessary.

(13) Provide for adequate management representation in union negotiations and provide recommendations regarding negotiation strategy.

(14) Resolve a variety of difficult and complex management problems.

(15) Conduct research on a variety of problems directed by the city commission.

(16) Administer a variety of special programs and operations.

(17) Prepare policy options and procedures for implementing goals, programs and/or regulations.

(18) Evaluate city programs and personnel.

(19) Provide reports to the commission and public as requested. (Ord. 3133 § 2, 1995)

1.11.030 Director of administrative services – Powers and duties.

Repealed by Ord. 3133. (Ord. 2745 § 3, 1988)

1.11.040 Accounting manager – Duties and responsibilities.

Repealed by Ord. 3133. (Ord. 2745 § 4, 1988)

1.11.050 Personnel office.

The personnel office is hereby established. The personnel office shall be supervised by the personnel manager who shall be responsible for maintaining a centralized personnel system which is in compliance with all applicable law. The personnel manager shall be responsible for coordinating and standardizing all personnel functions of the city not covered by civil service. The personnel manager shall maintain adequate records so as to provide for recruitment, hiring, discipline and discharge of all appropriate city positions. (Ord. 2745 § 5, 1988)


Prior legislation: Ord. 2148.