Chapter 1.52


1.52.010    Established.

1.52.020    Scope of art programs.

1.52.030    Public art fund.

1.52.010 Established.

There is hereby established a public art program requiring that one percent of moneys appropriated for any capital project, as defined herein, by any and all city departments shall be placed into the public art fund and used for the acquisition of public art or the promotion of art programming. (Ord. 99-35 § 5)

1.52.020 Scope of art programs.

The Wenatchee arts commission shall establish by policy, definitions of types of art, artists and others involved in either the purchase of art or the promotion of art programming. The Wenatchee arts commission will also develop policy guidelines for the expenditure of the one-percent-for-arts funds, which will be presented to the city of Wenatchee legislative body for approval. (Ord. 99-35 § 6)

1.52.030 Public art fund.

There is hereby established a fund called “public art fund” into which all moneys required by this chapter shall be deposited and from which the Wenatchee arts commission shall administer the public art program for the city of Wenatchee. All city departments shall deposit into the public art fund, out of any moneys appropriated for any capital project, an amount equal to one percent of the appropriation for the administration of the public art program, excluding any funds from state or federal sources which are ineligible to be used in conjunction with public art fund programs. One percent of the funds from multiple city capital projects may be accumulated in the public art fund for the purposes as defined in WCC 1.48.010, Purpose.

Only those capital projects which exceed the sum of $75,000 shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter. At such time as the total capital project expenditure of any individual project exceeds $75,000, the one percent provided herein of all such moneys expended for that capital project shall be paid into the public art fund. One percent of the construction contract award, excluding any funds from state or federal sources which are ineligible to be used in conjunction with public art fund programs, including additive change orders or other alterations to the contract, will be placed into the fund. Washington State sales tax, design fees, furnishings, and administrative expenditures will not be included as a part of the capital project expenditure.

A capital project is defined as any project paid for wholly or in part by the city of Wenatchee to construct or remodel any building, structure, park, street, sidewalk, parking facility or utility, or any portion thereof, including permanent fixtures to any building within the jurisdiction of the city of Wenatchee. However, the purchase of land, local improvement district projects including the city’s participation in any such district, maintenance and operation and the purchase of equipment are not considered capital projects.

Public art fund money shall not be expended without the prior approval of the city legislative authority. Nothing in this chapter shall limit the amount of money the city of Wenatchee may expend for art or art programming. (Ord. 2015-13 § 1, 2015; Ord. 2004-15 § 1; Ord. 99-35 § 7)