Chapter 1.60


1.60.010    Availability of plan.

1.60.020    Applicability.

1.60.030    Creation of a board of trustees.

1.60.040    Functions of the board.

1.60.050    Membership of the board.

1.60.060    Compensation.

1.60.010 Availability of plan.

Pursuant to RCW 41.24.030 and Section III, Substitute House Bill 1453, the city of Wenatchee does hereby elect to make the retirement provisions of RCW 41.24.030, the Volunteer Firefighters Retirement and Pension Plan, available to the city of Wenatchee police reserve officers who elect to enroll in said plan. (Ord. 3161 § 1, 1996)

1.60.020 Applicability.

Within one year of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, the city of Wenatchee will elect, on a one-time basis, to make the provisions of this chapter applicable to future service only or retroactive and applicable to prior years’ service. (Ord. 3161 § 2, 1996)

1.60.030 Creation of a board of trustees.

There is created a reserve officer board of trustees to administer the provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW. (Ord. 2011-10 § 1)

1.60.040 Functions of the board.

The reserve officer board of trustees shall perform all functions, exercise all powers, and make such determinations as may be specified under Chapter 41.24 RCW in its current form or as it may be hereafter amended. (Ord. 2011-10 § 1)

1.60.050 Membership of the board.

The reserve officer board of trustees shall consist of the following five members:

(1) The mayor;

(2) One councilmember;

(3) The clerk, comptroller, or chief fiscal officer of the city;

(4) The police chief; and

(5) One reserve officer who is elected by reserve officers of the city for an annual term of one year. (Ord. 2011-10 § 1)

1.60.060 Compensation.

The members of the board shall receive no compensation for their services on the board, but shall be reimbursed for all expenses incidental to such service in the manner and amount provided for employees of the city. (Ord. 2011-10 § 1)