Chapter 6A.28


6A.28.010    Lewd conduct defined.

6A.28.020    Committing a lewd act.

6A.28.030    Licensed premises.

6A.28.040    Violation.

6A.28.050    Urinating in a public place.

6A.28.010 Lewd conduct defined.

As used in this chapter, a “lewd act” is:

(1) An exposure of one’s genitals or buttocks or female breasts; or

(2) The touching, caressing or fondling of the genitals or female breasts; or

(3) Sexual intercourse; or

(4) Masturbation. (Ord. 2004-33 § 5; Ord. 2419 § 1.01, 1980)

6A.28.020 Committing a lewd act.

A person is guilty of lewd conduct if he intentionally performs any lewd act in a public place or at a place and under circumstances where such act could be observed by any member of the public. For the purpose of this section the term “public place” shall mean an area generally visible to public view and includes streets, sidewalks, bridges, alleys, plazas, parks, driveways, parking lots, automobiles (whether moving or not), and buildings open to the general public including those which serve food or drink or provide entertainment, and the doorways and entrances to buildings or dwellings and the grounds enclosing them. (Ord. 2419 § 1.01, 1980)

6A.28.030 Licensed premises.

The owner, manager or operator of premises open to the public wherein alcoholic beverages are sold, served or consumed, is guilty of committing lewd conduct if he intentionally permits or causes any lewd act on said premises. (Ord. 2419 § 1.01, 1980)

6A.28.040 Violation.

It is unlawful for any person to engage in or permit lewd conduct as specified in this chapter. Every person convicted of a violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of lewd conduct, a misdemeanor, unless such person engages in or permits lewd conduct to be witnessed by a person under the age of 14 years in which case lewd conduct is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. 2652 § 37, 1986; Ord. 2419 § 1.01, 1980)

6A.28.050 Urinating in a public place.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to intentionally urinate or defecate in a public place, other than a washroom or toilet room, or at a place and under circumstances where such act could be observed by any member of the public.

(2) A violation of this provision may result in the issuance of a notice of infraction or citation for an infraction and shall be punishable by a fine with a base penalty of $100.00, in addition to any statutory assessments as provided in the Revised Code of Washington. (Ord. 2004-39 § 3, 2004; Ord. 2004-33 § 6)