Chapter 7.16


7.16.010    Permit required.

7.16.020    Permit fees.

7.16.030    Liability insurance required.

7.16.040    Supervision and control.

7.16.050    Notice to fire and police department.

7.16.060    Cutting or moving utility wires, lights.

7.16.070    Permit card required.

7.16.080    Permit – When shall be denied.

7.16.090    Violations – Penalty.

7.16.010 Permit required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to move, or cause to be moved, any building in, on, upon, across or along or into any public street or highway in the city of Wenatchee without first obtaining a permit in writing so to do. Application for such permit shall be filed with the city engineer and shall specify the size and character of the building to be moved, the place from which and the place to which said building is to be moved, the method of such moving, and the proposed route to be followed. (Ord. 1570 § 1, 1958)

7.16.020 Permit fees.

The fee for a permit to move a building shall be $0.05 for each square foot of area of such building when it has only one story, $0.075 per square foot of area when it has one and one-half or two stories. The area is to be determined by using the outside dimensions of said building at the level of its first floor. (Ord. 1570 § 2, 1958)

7.16.030 Liability insurance required.

No permit to move a building shall be issued until the permittee has filed with the city of Wenatchee a policy of public liability and property damage or approved certificate thereof, issued by a responsible insurance company, authorized to do business in the state of Washington. Said policy shall insure the permittee and shall name the city of Wenatchee as an additional insured, and shall inure to the benefit of any and all persons suffering loss or damage either to person or property by reason of wrongful or negligent acts in moving the building. Such policy shall insure against loss from the liability imposed by law for injury to, or death of, any person in the amount or limit of $10,000 on account of injury to, or death of, any one person, and, subject to the same limit as respects injury to, or death of, one person, of $20,000 on account of any one accident resulting in injury to, or death of, more than one person, and of $5,000 for damage to property of others resulting from any one accident. Such policy shall include coverage for vehicle or vehicles employed in the moving and shall certify therein that it shall not be cancelled except upon 10 days’ prior written notice thereof to the city commission. Said liability insurance shall be a continuing liability up to the full amount thereof notwithstanding any recovery thereon. (Ord. 1712, 1962; Ord. 1570 § 3, 1958)

7.16.040 Supervision and control.

The moving of any building upon or across any public street in the city of Wenatchee shall be under the supervision and control of the city engineer. The permittee shall furnish information as to size, weight, etc., of the building and the description of equipment to be employed. (Ord. 1570 § 4, 1958)

7.16.050 Notice to fire and police department.

A permit shall be obtained from the office of the city engineer 72 hours prior to time of moving. The chief of police and chief of fire department shall be notified not less than 48 hours before the moving is to start. (Ord. 1570 § 5, 1958)

7.16.060 Cutting or moving utility wires, lights.

It is the permittee’s responsibility to arrange with the city or any public utility for the cutting, removal, relocation or replacement of any wires, poles or lights. (Ord. 1570 § 6, 1958)

7.16.070 Permit card required.

A permit card showing the number of the permit, the moving route and the mover’s name, address and telephone number shall be conspicuously posted on the building during the time it is being moved. (Ord. 1570 § 7, 1958)

7.16.080 Permit – When shall be denied.

No permit shall be issued to move any building or structure to a new location within the corporate city limits which is so constructed or is in such condition as to be dangerous; or which is infested with pests or unsanitary; or which, if it is a dwelling or habitation, is unfit for human habitation; or if the proposed use is prohibited by the zoning laws of this city; provided, however, that if the condition of the building or structure, in the judgment of the city engineer, admits of practicable and effective repair, the permit may be issued upon terms and conditions set forth by the city commission. (Ord. 1570 § 8, 1958)

7.16.090 Violations – Penalty.

Any violation or failure to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter constitutes a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine in any sum not exceeding $100.00 or by imprisonment in the city jail for any period not exceeding 30 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 1570 § 9, 1958)