Chapter 8.44


8.44.010    Purpose and intent.

8.44.020    Applicability.

8.44.030    Petitions to change on-street parking.

8.44.040    Application fee.

8.44.050    Review.

8.44.060    Final decision.

8.44.070    Implementation of changes to on-street parking.

8.44.010 Purpose and intent.

To establish a procedure for review of changes to on-street parking within the city of Wenatchee. This policy and procedure emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach between staff from public works, community development and the police department in processing changes to on-street parking requests that best serve the citizens of the city of Wenatchee. This procedure is intended to involve adjoining and potentially impacted property owners in the vicinity. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)

8.44.020 Applicability.

Parking change petitions may include, but not be limited to, establishment, elimination, or changing of on-street parking including time restrictions, loading zones, disabled parking, and emergency vehicle parking. This process is intended for small incremental or block-by-block requests rather than changes citywide.

Applications to change or create loading zones shall be authorized by motion or resolution of the city council as required by WCC 6B.06.026; otherwise to be processed according to this chapter. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)

8.44.030 Petitions to change on-street parking.

The applicant shall submit a petition on forms provided by the public works department to change on-street parking. The petition shall include a map of the area indicating the existing condition and a map of the proposed change. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)

8.44.040 Application fee.

(1) An application fee, intended to defray the cost incurred in the processing of petitions pertaining to this chapter, shall be submitted as part of the required application materials in an amount as required by Chapter 1.99 WCC, Fee Schedules.

(2) The application fee shall be collected at the time an application is tendered. Said application shall not be considered as complete and eligible for consideration for department or public comment until said fee has been received. The fee collected is nonrefundable except in instances where an application has been officially withdrawn, in writing, by the applicant prior to the act of providing public notice. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)

8.44.050 Review.

(1) Petitions to change on-street parking shall be submitted for review internally to the public works department, planning department, and police department, said review to include all matters pertaining to public on-street parking, public parking facilities, traffic flow, parking zones, and all other matters concerning motor vehicle travel within the city limits of Wenatchee. Internal city departments shall have 15 days to review and provide comments to the department of public works.

(2) The department of community development shall prepare a notice of application with a vicinity map and mail it to all affected property owners and businesses within a 350-foot radius of the subject area. A notice of application shall also be sent to the Wenatchee Downtown Association if the subject area is located in the commercial business district. The notice of application shall provide a period of 15 days for interested parties to provide written comments to the department of public works. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)

8.44.060 Final decision.

The city engineer, or his/her designee, shall review the application and all comments received from the internal departments and other interested parties, and shall make the final decision on all applications for on-street parking changes except those pertaining to loading zones. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)

8.44.070 Implementation of changes to on-street parking.

The cost of implementation of all changes to on-street parking shall be paid by the applicant(s) prior to work commencing. The implementation may include, but is not limited to, replacement of signs, posting of signs, painting of curb or marking of pavement surface to designate parking area or restrict parking in the public right-of-way. (Ord. 2011-47 § 2)