Chapter 9.01


9.01.010    Definitions.

9.01.020    Preapproved plans and policies.

9.01.010 Definitions.

The word “director,” wherever used in this chapter, shall be held and construed to mean the director of public works of the city of Wenatchee or his duly appointed and designated representative, and any act in this chapter required or authorized to be done by the director may be done on behalf of the director by said authorized representative. (Ord. 2018-49 § 1)

9.01.020 Preapproved plans and policies.

“Preapproved plans and policies” means those engineering plans and policies approved by the public works director for all street and utility improvements constructed within the city of Wenatchee. The preapproved plans and policies are available for public inspection in the public works department during regular business hours or online at (Ord. 2018-49 § 1)