Chapter 11.12


11.12.010    Applicability.

11.12.020    Repealed.

11.12.030    Application – Contents.

11.12.040    Repealed.

11.12.050    Time limitation.

11.12.060    Approval.

11.12.070    Limitation on approval.

11.12.080    Filing requirements.

11.12.090    Filing – Information disclosure.

11.12.100    Additional dedications.

11.12.110    Repealed.

11.12.120    Repealed.

11.12.130    Minimum improvements.

11.12.140    Resubdivision prohibited.

11.12.010 Applicability.

Every division of land into two or more, to a maximum of nine, lots, plots, sites, parcels or tracts within the corporate limits of the city of Wenatchee shall proceed in compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 98-9 § 3; Ord. 3080 § 300, 1994)

11.12.020 Administrator’s duties.

Repealed by Ord. 2010-24. (Ord. 3080 § 302, 1994)

11.12.030 Application – Contents.

Any person desiring approval of a short subdivision shall file with the administrator a complete application for short subdivision approval pursuant to WCC Title 13, including applicable fees, and five copies and one electronic copy of a sketch of the proposed subdivision along with written data in such form that when read together discloses the following information:

(1) A legal description of the area being subdivided;

(2) The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all persons holding interest in the land;

(3) The boundaries of the section (or portion thereof) within which the short subdivision lies;

(4) The boundary lines of the short subdivision and of the lots within it;

(5) The locations of existing roads, easements, important natural features, and improvements within the short subdivision;

(6) A layout of proposed roads and easements;

(7) The boundaries of all parcels dedicated or reserved for public or community uses;

(8) Location of proposed water distribution systems, sewage disposal systems and surface drainage systems;

(9) Spaces for approval by the administrator and city engineer;

(10) Any analysis required under Chapter 12.08 WCC, Resource Lands and Critical Areas Development;

(11) Landscape plan for reverse frontage lots in accordance with Chapter 10.62 WCC, Landscaping and Screening. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 98-30 § 1; Ord. 98-9 § 4; Ord. 3155 § 1, 1995; Ord. 3080 § 306, 1994)

11.12.040 Adequacy and distribution of plats and plans.

Repealed by Ord. 2010-24. (Ord. 3080 § 308, 1994)

11.12.050 Time limitation.

Within 30 days following the filing of a complete application pursuant to WCC 13.07.050, or such additional period as the subdivider may authorize, the administrator shall approve or disapprove the proposed short subdivision and shall so notify the applicant in writing. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 310, 1994)

11.12.060 Approval.

The administrator or his/her duly appointed representatives shall approve outright a short subdivision when all of the following conditions exist and written findings are issued to support:

(1) When all zoning ordinance standards and the requirements imposed by other city codes and ordinances have been met;

(2) The public interest will be served by the subdivision and dedication;

(3) That appropriate provisions are made for, but not limited to, the public health, safety and general welfare for open spaces, drainage ways, streets, alleys, other public ways, transit stops, potable water supplies, sanitary waste, parks and recreation, playgrounds, schools and school grounds, and all other relevant facts, including sidewalks and other planning features that assure safe walking conditions for students who only walk to and from school.

Every decision on a short subdivision processed in accordance with this title shall be made in writing and shall include findings of fact and conclusions to support the decision pursuant to WCC 13.09.090. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 312, 1994)

11.12.070 Limitation on approval.

The approval given to a preliminary short subdivision shall expire pursuant to RCW 58.17.140 unless, within the allowed time frame, a proposed final plat in proper form is filed with the administrator. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 314, 1994)

11.12.080 Filing requirements.

Each short plat and short subdivision granted pursuant to this chapter shall be filed with the Chelan County auditor and shall not be deemed “approved” until so filed. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 315, 1994)

11.12.090 Filing – Information disclosure.

Each short subdivision shall be surveyed and monumented by a registered land surveyor and a plat recorded with the auditor shall consist of one or more pages clearly and legibly drawn on a stable base mylar, polyester film or equivalent approved material, and shall contain a map of the short subdivision, the horizontal scale of which shall be 100 feet to the inch, or as allowed by the administrator, together with written data in such form that when read together disclose the following information:

(1) Legal description of the land as well as each lot;

(2) The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all persons holding ownership interests in the land along with a title report confirming that the title of the land as described and shown on the short plat is in the name of said persons;

(3) The name, address, telephone number, seal, and professional license number of the land surveyor registered in the state of Washington who made survey of the short subdivision;

(4) Date of the survey;

(5) The boundary lines of the short subdivision;

(6) The boundaries of lots within the short subdivision;

(7) The location of existing roads and easements, important natural features and improvements within the short subdivision;

(8) A layout of proposed roads and easements;

(9) The boundaries of all parcels dedicated or reserved for public or community uses;

(10) A certificate or instrument of dedication bearing the typed or printed names of all persons having an ownership interest in the divided land, signed and acknowledged by them before a notary public, which:

(a) States their consent to a division of land;

(b) Recites a dedication by them of all land shown on the short plat to be dedicated to public use; and

(c) If a plat is subject to a dedication, a certificate or separate instrument shall contain the dedication of all streets and other areas to the public and individual or individuals, religious society or societies or to any corporation, public or private, as shown on the plat and a waiver of all claims for damages against any government authority which may be occasioned to the adjacent land by the established construction, drainage and maintenance of said road. Said certificate or instrument of dedication shall be signed and acknowledged before a notary public by all parties having an ownership interest in the land subdivided and recorded as part of the plat;

(11) Signature lines for the subdivision administrator and city engineer;

(12) A certificate signed by the Chelan County treasurer in substantially the following language:


I hereby certify that all taxes and assessments which have been levied and become chargeable against the above described property for 20__ and preceding years have been duly paid, satisfied and discharged in the amount of $____________, and have been deposited with the Chelan County Treasurer this ___ day of _______, 20__.

In addition, a paper copy of the final short subdivision shall be provided to the subdivision administrator, and an electronic copy shall be provided in a format acceptable to the city engineer. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 98-9 § 5; Ord. 3080 § 316, 1994)

11.12.100 Additional dedications.

Short subdivisions where an additional dedication to the public is required shall not be filed until the city has accepted marketable title for the newly dedicated area. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 317, 1994)

11.12.110 Appeals.

Repealed by Ord. 2010-24. (Ord. 3179 § 1, 1996; Ord. 3080 § 318, 1994)

11.12.120 Commission action.

Repealed by Ord. 2010-24. (Ord. 3080 § 320, 1994)

11.12.130 Minimum improvements.

Improvements in short subdivisions shall be installed in keeping with adjacent properties and be generally consistent with provisions listed in Chapters 11.20 and 11.24 WCC, as determined by the city engineer. In all proposed short subdivisions where one or more of the lots is improved with a principal structure at the time of application, curbs, gutters and sidewalks shall be installed on said improved lot(s) if such do not already exist.

The subdivider shall either install all required improvements of a short subdivision, or execute and file an improvement agreement, as approved by the city engineer, in accordance with WCC 11.24.200. Improvement agreements for short subdivisions will only be allowed due to extraordinary circumstances, such as weather. Generally occupancy of buildings will not be permitted until all improvements have been completed. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 322, 1994)

11.12.140 Resubdivision prohibited.

Land within a short subdivision, the short plat of which has been approved within five years immediately preceding, may not be further divided until a final plat thereof has been approved and filed for record pursuant to Chapter 11.16 WCC, except, any short plat containing fewer than four lots may be further divided within five years, provided the total lots created do not exceed four. (Ord. 2012-11 § 3 (Exh. A); Ord. 2010-24 § 1; Ord. 3080 § 326, 1994)