Chapter 16.02


16.02.010    Purpose and intent.

16.02.020    Definitions.

16.02.030    Continuing violations.

16.02.040    Applicability of title.

16.02.050    Nonexclusive remedy.

16.02.060    Time.

16.02.010 Purpose and intent.

The Wenatchee City Code is intended to support compelling governmental or public interests on behalf of the people who live in, work within, and visit the city. Such interests include but are not limited to providing an environment supportive of commerce, transportation, public safety, housing, and the overall general health, safety, and welfare of the community. Unlawful, unkempt, unsafe, unsanitary, and improperly maintained premises, properties, sidewalks, and easements, within the city create potential habitability, health, safety, sanitation and welfare concerns for the city, its residents and guests. Code violations often impact the economic wellbeing of people and the value of the premises, and adjoining or neighboring properties. Code violations and nuisances are a financial burden on city resources because of repeated calls for service, complaints or requests for investigations, inspections, interference with city operations, and demands upon public safety services. Therefore, it is the purpose and intent of the city, in enacting this title to provide effective and efficient code enforcement processes by striving to obtain voluntary compliance with the Wenatchee City Code, followed with strict enforcement when timely voluntary compliance efforts fail to be achieved. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.02.020 Definitions.

The following terms shall have the following meaning for purposes of this title:

(1) “Abate” means to repair, replace, remove, destroy or otherwise remedy a condition which constitutes a violation of city codes by such means, in such manner and to such an extent as the administrator determines is necessary in the interest of the general health, safety and welfare of the community.

(2) “Administrator” means the director of the department of community development, or his or her designee.

(3) “Code enforcement board” means the board created by WCC 2.10.010.

(4) “Code violation” or “violation” means any act or omission contrary to any Wenatchee City Code or ordinance section, including an act or omission at the same or different location by the same person, and including a condition resulting from such act or omission, and including civil violations as provided in the Wenatchee City Code.

(5) Day. Unless otherwise stated, “day” shall mean a calendar day.

(6) “Emergency” means any situation which the administrator or a law enforcement officer reasonably believes requires immediate action to prevent or eliminate an immediate threat to public health, safety, or welfare of persons or property in the city.

(7) “Owner” means any owner, or reputed owner, of the property which is listed on the tax rolls of the Chelan County treasurer for the property.

(8) “Person” means any individual, firm, association, partnership, corporation or any entity, public or private.

(9) “Person responsible for the violation” means any owner(s), lessee(s), or other person(s) entitled to control, use and/or occupy property where a code violation occurs.

(10) “Repeat violation” means a violation of the same Wenatchee City Code or ordinance section in any location by the same person for which a notice of code violation, civil infraction, misdemeanor or a notice of noncompliance with a voluntary correction agreement was issued within three years.

(11) Service. Unless otherwise stated, “service” may be done by personal service or by first class regular mail. If service is done by mail, service shall be deemed complete upon the third business day after deposit into the mail. (Ord. 2019-25 § 1; Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.02.030 Continuing violations.

Each day upon which a violation occurs or continues constitutes a separate violation. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.02.040 Applicability of title.

The provisions of this title shall apply to the following provisions of the Wenatchee City Code: WCC Title 2, Buildings; WCC Title 3, Fire; Chapter 4.10 WCC, Stormwater Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination; Chapter 4.12 WCC, Solid Waste Collection and Disposal; Chapter 4.36 WCC, Garbage; WCC Title 5, Licenses and Taxation; WCC 6A.10.080, Hunting; WCC 6A.10.090, Tormenting or harassing birds and animals; Chapter 6A.14 WCC, Nuisances; Chapter 6A.16 WCC, Weeds, Trees and Growth; Chapter 6A.34 WCC, Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems; Chapter 7.12 WCC, Trees and Hedges; Chapter 7.22 WCC, Sidewalk Construction Standards; WCC Title 10, Zoning; WCC Title 11, Subdivisions; WCC Title 12, Environmental Protection; and WCC Title 13, Administration of Development Regulations. Nothing herein shall modify the underlying code sections. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.02.050 Nonexclusive remedy.

The remedies set forth in this title are not exclusive and the city may use whatever manner, method or means is available to it, at law or in equity, to enforce its code and address code violations. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.02.060 Time.

Any time period specified in this title that falls on a weekend or holiday shall be extended to the next business day. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)