Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Revocation of permit or license.

16.12.020    Effective date of the order of revocation.

16.12.030    Content of order of revocation.

16.12.040    Service of order of revocation.

16.12.050    Appeal of administrator’s decision.

16.12.060    Appeal of hearing examiner’s decision.

16.12.070    Stay of order of revocation.

16.12.080    Permit or license.

16.12.010 Revocation of permit or license.

In addition to other remedies provided for elsewhere, the administrator has the authority to issue an order for the revocation of any permit or license if he or she finds the permittee or licensee has not complied with any or all conditions or limitations set forth in the permit or license, or is in violation of any Wenatchee City Code or ordinance section. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.020 Effective date of the order of revocation.

The order of revocation shall not go into effect until 10 calendar days after service of the order upon the permittee or licensee unless the condition causes an immediate and emergent threat to the public health, safety or welfare or to the environment in the discretion of the administrator, in which case the permit may be revoked immediately. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.030 Content of order of revocation.

The order of revocation shall include the following information:

(1) The name and address of person to whom the order is being issued; and

(2) A description as to the condition or limitation set forth in the permit or license that is being violated, or which Wenatchee City Code or ordinance section that is being violated; and

(3) The effective date of the order; and

(4) A statement that the permittee or licensee has the right to appeal the order. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.040 Service of order of revocation.

The administrator shall serve the order of revocation upon the person to whom it is directed, either personally or by mailing by certified mail, return receipt requested, to such person at their last known address. Proof of service shall be made by a written declaration under penalty of perjury executed by the person effecting the service, declaring the time and date of service and the manner by which the service was made. If service is done by mail, service shall be deemed complete upon the third business day after depositing the order into the mail. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.050 Appeal of administrator’s decision.

An appeal of an order revoking a permit or license shall be filed with the city clerk within 14 calendar days after service of the order on the permittee or licensee and shall be heard by the hearing examiner in accordance with WCC 13.11.030 for review of such determination, which review shall be completed within 45 calendar days of the date of receipt of the notice of appeal. Appeals shall be subject to an administrative appeal fee in accordance with WCC 1.99.010. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.060 Appeal of hearing examiner’s decision.

Decisions of the hearing examiner may be appealed to the Chelan County superior court. Notice of appeal shall be filed and served on all necessary parties within 21 calendar days of the date of decision. Notice of the appeal and any other pleadings required to be filed with the court to initiate the appeal shall be served on the parties within the applicable time period. The appeal shall be a closed record appeal based on the administrative record. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.070 Stay of order of revocation.

If a timely appeal is filed pursuant to this chapter, the order of revocation shall be stayed pending the appeal process. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)

16.12.080 Permit or license.

For purposes of this chapter, “permit” or “license” shall mean any permit or license issued by the city. (Ord. 2014-02 § 1)