Chapter 1.08


1.08.010    Noncharter code city status adopted.

1.08.020    Recordation.

1.08.010 Noncharter code city status adopted.

The city adopts the classification of a noncharter code city operating under the mayor-council plan of government as set forth in Chapter 35A.12 RCW, endowed with all of the applicable rights, powers, privileges, duties and obligations of noncharter code cities as set forth in RCW Title 35A as the same now exists, including, but not by way of limitation, those set forth in Chapter 35A.11 RCW, and further including any and all supplements, amendments or other modifications of RCW Title 35A which may be enacted. [Ord. 218 § 1, 1976].

1.08.020 Recordation.

The city finance director is directed to forward to the Secretary of the state of Washington a certified copy of the ordinance codified in this chapter as provided in RCW 35A.02.040. [Ord. 218 § 2, 1976].


Editor’s Note: For statutory provisions on the adoption of noncharter code city status, see Chapter 35A.02 RCW.