Chapter 1.24


1.24.010    Code enforcement officer position created – Authority.

1.24.020    Notice of summons.

1.24.030    Applicability.

1.24.010 Code enforcement officer position created – Authority.

The position of code enforcement officer is established. The code enforcement officer shall be appointed by the mayor, who shall define the duties of the code enforcement officer. The code enforcement officer shall be authorized to investigate compliance with the city ordinances enumerated in WRMC 1.24.030 and to take reasonable action to bring about compliance with such regulations, including but not limited to the development of schedules for compliance, and issuance of notices of infraction in appropriate cases as provided in this chapter. [Ord. 47-06 § 1, 2006].

1.24.020 Notice of summons.

A. The code enforcement officer has authority to issue a notice of infraction or a criminal summons:

1. When a violation of the city regulations enumerated in WRMC 1.24.030 is observed by the code enforcement officer; and

2. When the code enforcement officer has reasonable cause to believe that a violation of city ordinances as enumerated in WRMC 1.24.030 has occurred.

B. A notice of infraction may be issued by the code enforcement officer to any responsible person, firm, corporation or agent. The notice of infraction shall contain the information required by RCW 7.80.070 as it now exists or may hereafter be amended.

C. A notice of infraction or summons shall be served upon the person to whom it is directed in person, or by mailing a copy of the notice to such person at his/her last known address, or by posting a copy of the notice in a conspicuous place on the affected property or structure, if any. Proof of service shall be made by a written declaration under penalty of perjury by the person serving the notice, declaring the date and time of service and the manner by which service was made. The notice of infraction, along with the declaration, shall be filed with the clerk of the court of jurisdiction. [Ord. 47-06 § 1, 2006].

1.24.030 Applicability.

A. The enforcement authority of this chapter shall apply to the following ordinances and regulations of the city:

1. WRMC Title 5, Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations.

2. WRMC Title 6, Animals.

3. WRMC Title 8, Health and Safety.

4. WRMC Title 10, Vehicles and Traffic.

5. Chapter 12.12 WRMC, Public Parks.

6. Chapter 15.02 WRMC, Outdoor Light Fixtures.

7. WRMC Title 17, Zoning.

8. Chapter 19.14 WRMC, Signs on the Public Right-of-Way, and Chapter 19.18 WRMC, Nonconforming Signs.

9. Any other city ordinances that provide for enforcement by the city code enforcement officer.

B. The procedures for notification and enforcement set forth in this chapter are intended to apply in addition to any procedures or courses of action provided by law and elsewhere in the municipal code. The use of procedures set forth herein shall not require or preclude use of any other procedures allowed by the West Richland Municipal Code or state law. [Ord. 47-06 § 1, 2006].