Chapter 10.24


10.24.010    Policy declaration.

10.24.020    Limited access street defined.

10.24.030    Designation of limited access streets.

10.24.040    Granting of access to limited access street.

10.24.050    Limited access facilities designated.

10.24.010 Policy declaration.

Unrestricted access to and from public streets has resulted in congestion and peril for the traveler. It has caused undue slowing of all traffic in certain areas. It is therefore the declared policy of the city to limit access to certain streets within the city in the interest of safety and for the preservation of the public’s investment in its streets. [Ord. 22-00 § 1, 2000].

10.24.020 Limited access street defined.

For the purpose of this chapter, a “limited access street” is defined as a street which has been designated by the city council as being limited access, and which is designed for through traffic, and over, from, or to which the owners or occupants of abutting land or other persons have no right or easement of access, or has been designated for any other reason by the city council to accomplish the purpose of this chapter. [Ord. 22-00 § 1, 2000].

10.24.030 Designation of limited access streets.

The city council shall have the power to designate by ordinance, from time to time, those streets or parts thereof which are limited access streets consistent with the policy of this chapter, or to withdraw streets or parts thereof from the limited access classification. [Ord. 22-00 § 1, 2000].

10.24.040 Granting of access to limited access street.

A. The public works director shall grant an abutting property owner access to a limited access street where the subject property does not have access to a nonlimited access street. The public works director may grant access to a limited access street to a non-single-family residence (ex. commercial, industrial, or multifamily development).

B. The access to limited access streets as provided for in this section may be conditioned by the public works director so as to mitigate any impacts which might otherwise result from granting the access. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, erosion control, additional road right-of-way dedication, street improvements, site distance improvements, and/or other mitigating measures. [Ord. 40-05 § 1, 2005; Ord. 22-00 § 1, 2000].

10.24.050 Limited access facilities designated.

The following streets or parts thereof are limited access facilities:

A. SR 224 (Van Giesen) from east city limits to west city limits.

B. South 38th Avenue from Ironton Drive to 150 feet south of Orchard Street.

C. Belmont Boulevard from Keene Road to SR 224 (Van Giesen).

D. Bombing Range Road from Kennedy Road to SR 224 (Van Giesen).

E. Dallas Road from Kennedy Road to south city limits.

F. Keene Road from east city limits to Twin Bridges.

G. Kennedy Road from east city limits to west city limits.

H. Mt. Adams View Drive from Bombing Range Road to east city limits.

I. Paradise Way from Bombing Range Road to west city limits.

J. Ruppert Road from SR 224 (Van Giesen) to west city limits. [Ord. 18-19 § 1, 2019; Ord. 11-18 § 1, 2018; Ord. 12-17 § 1, 2017; Ord. 11-13 § 1, 2013; Ord. 12-04 § 1, 2004; Ord. 39-02 § 1, 2002; Ord. 22-00 § 1, 2000].