Chapter 12.13


12.13.010    Purpose.

12.13.020    Applicability.

12.13.030    Implementation and responsibilities.

12.13.040    Document protocol.

12.13.050    Address grid.

12.13.060    Street designations.

12.13.070    Addressing along streets.

12.13.080    Street naming policy.

12.13.090    Naming of new street or naming of existing unnamed streets.

12.13.100    Renaming of existing duplicate street names.

12.13.110    Renaming of other streets.

12.13.120    Installation and replacement of addresses.

12.13.130    General display of addresses.

12.13.140    Procedures for installation and placement of addresses.

12.13.150    Street name signs (private roads).

12.13.160    Enforcement – Violations.

12.13.170    Penalties.

12.13.180    Administrative procedures.

12.13.190    Appeals.

12.13.200    Controversial or disputed street names.

12.13.210    Repealing clause.

12.13.220    Severability.

12.13.010 Purpose.

This chapter further implements portions of the city of West Richland comprehensive plan and supplements WRMC Title 16, Division of Land, and WRMC Title 17, Zoning. Its purpose is to provide residents of West Richland with a uniform and standardized system of street naming and addressing to:

A. Minimize future street name and addressing conflicts.

B. Provide a database for city and county records and Enhanced 9-1-1 services.

C. Expedite property identification by emergency services.

D. Comply with U.S. Postal addressing abbreviation standards. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.020 Applicability.

This chapter shall apply to all property and to all public and private streets in the city of West Richland. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.030 Implementation and responsibilities.

A. The city of West Richland planning director shall have the responsibility of administering, enforcing, and maintaining an addressing and street naming standard as defined by this chapter and have the enforcement authority for addressing on buildings as specified by the Uniform Fire Code as adopted by the city of West Richland.

B. In the event that violations of this chapter are not corrected by the date established by the city of West Richland, the city may perform the work and bill the property owner(s). In the event the property owner(s) fails to pay said bill, the city may take such action as necessary to collect the debt.

C. Property owners are responsible for placing alpha-numeric identification in accordance with WRMC 12.13.130, 12.13.140, and 12.13.150, including placement of private street signs. Posting of addresses and street names must be completed prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

D. The city of West Richland city engineer/public works director is responsible for erecting and maintaining public street signs at street intersections within the boundaries of the city. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.040 Document protocol.

For document clarity, references to all vehicle paths of travel serving three or more properties, residences, or businesses are referred to as streets. Driveways or other vehicle paths of travel serving less than three properties, residencies, or businesses shall not be named to reduce administrative costs, but shall have addresses installed and placed as required herein to minimize the potential for confusion for emergency service providers. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.050 Address grid.

Defining the address number portion of street addresses will be based on a geographical information system (GIS) address grid keymap. This keymap is used to geographically identify the location of the subject structure or parcel as it correlates to the most favored X, Y coordinate on the grid, thereby defining the number portion of the address. The defined address grid lines will determine the address number(s) for that structure or parcel. The address keymap has a single zero address datum line running east and west and a single 4600 address datum line running north and south through the corner marker of city Sections 31-10-28, 32-10-28, 06-09-28, and 05-09-28. Those addresses running north or south will increase by a value of 100 at every 330-foot interval. Those addresses running east will decrease by a value of 100, while those running west will increase by a value of 100, at every 330-foot interval. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.060 Street designations.

Designation of streets within the city of West Richland and within unincorporated areas of the city’s urban growth boundary shall be in accordance with the following guidelines except in the case of existing and recorded street designations:

A. Streets which have a definite north-south directional course shall be designated as “avenues.” Streets which have a definite east-west directional course shall be designated as “streets.”

B. Streets which do not have a definite directional course shall be designated as “road,” “drive,” “trail,” “place,” or “lane.”

C. A dead-end street or cul-de-sac less than 1,000 feet in length, when not an extension of an existing street or a continuation of a proposed street, shall be called a “court.” In the case where an existing dead-end street or cul-de-sac is extended beyond 1,000 feet, after initially being designated (a court) it shall be renamed in accordance with this section.

D. A street that has its ingress and egress on the same street shall be called a “loop.”

E. A street that circles back upon itself shall be designated as a “circle.”

F. The designation “boulevard” shall be reserved for long, continuous streets characterized by a broad right-of-way, with tree and turf embellishment, and carrying predominantly noncommercial traffic.

G. The designation “way” shall be reserved for long, continuous streets that handle heavy volumes of traffic and have major thoroughfare characteristics.

H. In those areas being incorporated into the city, all named streets that extend from existing incorporated areas into areas being considered for incorporation shall retain the incorporated name.

I. Streets that are obviously in alignment with others already existing and named shall bear the names of the existing streets. The planning department may allow changes otherwise prohibited under this section as follows:

1. In those areas where the new street extension crosses either the north-south or east-west zero axis of the address grid; or

2. In those cases where the new street extension is the beginning of a new “arterial” or “boulevard,” as defined by the city engineer or this chapter.

J. A newly established street which has less than a 125-foot centerline alignment offset from an existing street shall continue with the same street name. A newly established street which has more than a 125-foot centerline alignment offset from an existing street shall adopt a new name.

K. New streets shall preserve and continue any alphabetical or numerical sequence and type of name already established in nearby subdivisions. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.070 Addressing along streets.

Addressing along city of West Richland streets shall be based on the quadrant grid as defined in WRMC 12.13.050. Incorporated areas, areas designated for annexation under growth management guidelines, and other areas requesting annexation shall structure their addressing in the following manner:

A. Address numbers will run consecutively to the north, south, east, and west from the point of beginning. The expansion or contraction of east/west address numbers will be necessary in some sections.

B. Odd numbers shall appear on the south and west sides of streets, and even numbers shall appear on the north and east sides.

C. If a two-family dwelling or an accessory dwelling unit has a number of entrances and each entrance services a separate occupant, then each entrance shall be assigned an address. If whole numbers are exhausted, then a single building number shall be utilized with sequential letter designations used for each separate occupant. Unit numbering shall be in accordance with WRMC 12.13.130 and 12.13.140.

D. A single multifamily dwelling structure shall be assigned one address number for the structure. The addresses for individual dwellings within the structure shall be three-digit numbers with the first digit representing the floor level of the entrance; e.g., 2700 South 38th Avenue, Apt. or Suite 202 (second floor apartment).

E. Multifamily Complexes with Multiple Structures.

1. Building identification will be alphanumeric beginning with “A” assigned to the first building to the right of the main entrance, and thereafter proceeding in a counter clockwise fashion to the point of origin. Individual apartments (spaces) must be consecutively numbered throughout the campus without numbers being repeated (e.g., A1 to 8, B9 through 16).

2. Each dwelling unit shall have a building letter designation and a three-digit unit number affixed adjacent to or on the main entry door; e.g., 2700 South 38th Ave. Bldg. A, Apt. 202 shall have “A202” appropriately affixed.

3. Apartment complexes shall post a site plan sign at the main entrance that denotes actual building locations within the complex.

F. Business and commercial offices or complexes shall have an assigned address for each building with individual offices within that building assigned a three-digit suite number with the first digit representing the floor level of the entrance to the suite.

G. In strip malls the businesses shall have individual addresses assigned according to the street on which they front. In those cases where the building does not front on a street, individual addresses shall be assigned according to the closest fronting street, or as approved by the fire and emergency services department.

H. Mobile home parks shall submit a site plan, identifying street names and addresses of lots, for approval by the planning department and in compliance with WRMC 17.54.230. They shall have either:

1. One address number assigned to the park with the owner of the mobile home park responsible for individual numbering of each mobile home space in accordance with WRMC 12.13.130 and 12.13.140. Streets within the mobile home park shall be assigned in accordance with WRMC 12.13.150; or

2. Each space shall be assigned an address with streets within the mobile home park assigned and addresses installed in accordance with WRMC 12.13.140 and 12.13.150. If whole numbers are exhausted, then a single building number shall be utilized with sequential letter designations used for each separate space.

I. A diagonal or meandering street shall be assigned a number depending upon the keymap quadrant and base axis which it most favors.

J. Circle and loop street addresses shall be assigned off of the address keymap that corresponds to the loop or circle most favored base axis. Numbering shall start at its beginning and shall continue correlating to the grid in a clockwise direction as if the street were straight. “Beginning” is defined as the lowest numerical point on the favored base axis.

K. Structure(s) shall be assigned an address from the address keymap at the point where a line drawn perpendicular to the facing street intersects with the primary entrance to that structure. Corner lots may be addressed off the facing street selected by the property owner; however, requests to change the address once assigned shall require approval of the planning department.

L. If a street accesses four or more living units or business structures via a private drive, it shall be assigned a private street name and the structures shall be addressed in accordance with this section.

M. Properties accessed by a common right-of-way or access easement with three or fewer living units or business structures shall be assigned an address at the point where the right-of-way or easement intersects a public or private street. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.080 Street naming policy.

In selecting street names, consideration shall be given to the following:

A. Centerline alignment street name standards of WRMC 12.13.060 shall be observed for noncontinuous streets unless there is no possibility for extension of the street to make it a continuous through street.

B. There shall be no conflict of existing street names within the existing E911 jurisdictional boundary. Disposition of an apparent conflict in street names will reside with the SE Communications Center. The city of West Richland planning department shall assemble and maintain an official list of all street names presently in use within the Tri-City area. Names listed therein shall not be reused. The planning department shall coordinate with fire and emergency communications division to ensure compliance with this requirement.

C. Names of similar pronunciation and/or spelling shall be prohibited; e.g., Briar Lane, Brier Lane. The planning department shall coordinate with fire and emergency services department and emergency communications division to ensure compliance with this requirement.

D. Variations of the same name with a different street designation shall be prohibited within the first word of the two-word title or in the street extension; e.g., Pine Road, Pine Drive, Pine Lane.

E. No street name shall consist of more than two words or contain more than 14 letters, excluding the extension; e.g., street, lane, court, etc. Special situations may be established with city council approval which will allow for more words or letters; e.g., Martin Luther King Avenue.

F. With exception to state highways (e.g., SR 224/West Van Giesen) no street shall have more than one name. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.090 Naming of new street or naming of existing unnamed streets.

Any new street to be established within the city of West Richland and unincorporated areas within the city’s urban growth boundary, public or private, or an existing unnamed street, public or private, shall require a street name approved by the city of West Richland planning department.

A. In the case of plats, proposed names shall be specified on the final plat map, and shall be in compliance with requirements set forth in this chapter.

B. In case of other new streets or naming of unnamed streets, the owner or owners and/or contract buyers of properties abutting said street, may petition in writing, on a form provided by the city, to the city of West Richland planning department, a request to officially name a street. The petition shall bear the signatures of the owners of at least 51 percent of the lots, tracts, or parcels of property (excluding federal, state, public utilities, and municipal lands) which will be served by the street to be named. The percentage of owners shall be expressed in terms of both number of properties and land area. The planning department shall notify all property owners along the street by first class mail. Tax assessment records shall be used for owner address information. Property owners shall have 30 days to respond. If there is no response from the property owners during the comment period, the city shall consider this as an approval by the property owners. The planning department shall give due consideration to any and all such street name petitions only after all street naming requirements of this chapter are met. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.100 Renaming of existing duplicate street names.

The renaming of existing duplicate street names will be required in those cases where the general health and safety of the public is at risk; i.e., rapid property identification by emergency services. Where duplicate names exist, the street serving the largest number of improved properties shall retain its name. The other street(s) shall be renamed in accordance with the procedures outlined in WRMC 12.13.110. The planning department shall coordinate with the fire and emergency services and emergency communications division to ensure compliance with this requirement. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.110 Renaming of other streets.

In cases where property owners request to change the name of a street which has an existing approved name, the property owners may petition the city in the same manner as outlined in WRMC 12.13.090(B). Property owner initiated requests under this section shall require 66.67 percent super majority approval of property owners along the street. Street names shall not be changed more than once every five years. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.120 Installation and replacement of addresses.

Shall be in compliance with Uniform Fire Code, Section 901.4. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.130 General display of addresses.

In accordance with the Uniform Fire Code, approved numbers or addresses shall be placed on all new and existing buildings in such a position as to be plainly visible and legible from the street or roadway fronting the property. Said numbers shall contrast with their background. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.140 Procedures for installation and placement of addresses.

Address numbers shall be installed at a location approved by the West Richland fire and emergency services department.

A. Address numbers shall be located as to be readily visible by emergency responders and shall be positioned to allow exterior illumination of the numbers; if not, the addressing shall be reflective as to allow visibility by emergency responders in hours of darkness.

B. Physical address numbers shall be no less than four inches in height, with a stroke of one-half inch, and shall contrast with background color pursuant to the Uniform Fire Code.

C. If a structure is more than 75 feet from the street, its address shall be posted at the intersection of its access street and public or private street, no less than four feet or more than six feet above the ground on a substantial, maintained support structure.

D. The view of an address from the street must be unobstructed and maintained. In addition to the numbering described above, private property owners may have their addresses painted in a prominent location on the curb fronting their property, and the address numbers shall conform with the dimensions specified in subsection B of this section. The characters shall include the address number. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.150 Street name signs (private roads).

All primary letters, numbers, and/or symbols shall be a minimum of six inches in height, with a one-half-inch stroke, and shall be reflectorized and contrasting with the background color of the sign in accordance with the manual of uniform traffic control devices. Public street signs shall be a city-approved green background with white letters. Private street signs shall be a city-approved blue background with white letters. In addition, street name signs shall meet the following standards:

A. Shall be placed between seven and 11 feet above the roadway, clearly visible at intersections.

B. All street signs shall be constructed and installed to the standards of the city of West Richland public works department and shall include the street name and block numbers derived from the address grid.

C. It is not the intent of this chapter to cause the immediate replacement of all street signs lacking block numbering; it is the intent that all new and replacement signs meet this requirement. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.160 Enforcement – Violations.

It shall be unlawful for any person to:

A. Erect or install a street name sign not in accordance with this chapter;

B. Remove, alter, change, or deface a street sign or address identifications erected or installed as provided herein;

C. Place or post addresses not approved by this chapter; or

D. Fail to place an address visible from the street. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.170 Penalties.

Any person who violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.00. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.180 Administrative procedures.

The city of West Richland may, by resolution, adopt administrative procedures, create fee schedules, etc., to facilitate implementation of the purpose and intent of this chapter. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.190 Appeals.

Appeals concerning interpretation or administration of this chapter may be filed by any affected person. Such appeals shall be filed within a reasonable time of the action being appealed, not to exceed 45 days, by filing with the planning department a notice of appeal specifying the grounds of the appeal. The planning department shall transmit to the planning commission papers constituting the record upon which action appealed was taken. The planning department shall schedule the item for a hearing of the commission within 60 days of filing the notice of appeal and shall give legal public notice thereof, as well as due notice to the parties of interest. The planning commission shall decide the matter within 30 days. [Amended during 2010 recodification; Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.200 Controversial or disputed street names.

The planning department shall have the discretion to refer any disputed street names, addressing issues, or controversial street name changes to the planning commission for approval or resolution. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.210 Repealing clause.

All existing references in the West Richland Municipal Code that are in conflict with this chapter are hereby amended and superseded by this chapter. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].

12.13.220 Severability.

Should any section, clause or provision of this chapter be declared by the courts to be invalid, the same shall not affect the validity of the chapter as a whole or any part thereof, other than the part so declared to be invalid. [Ord. 15-97 § 1, 1997].