Chapter 13.14


13.14.010    Precautions while building – Restoration of streets, etc.

13.14.020    Property restoration – Unsatisfactory – Procedure.

13.14.010 Precautions while building – Restoration of streets, etc.

All excavations required for the installation of a building or side sewer shall be open trench work unless otherwise approved by the building inspector. No backfill shall be placed until the work has been inspected. All excavations for building sewer installation shall be guarded with barricades and lights as are reasonably adequate to protect the public from accident and injury. Streets, sidewalks, parkways, and other public property disturbed, in the course of the work, shall be restored in a manner satisfactory to the city. In addition to the requirements of this section, any person making an excavation for a building sewer installation shall comply with all other applicable ordinances of the city. [Ord. 16-03 § 1, 2003].

13.14.020 Property restoration – Unsatisfactory – Procedure.

A. Persons digging in any street or sidewalk for the purpose of laying, moving, or repairing any sewer line shall repair the street or sidewalk to the equivalent of its original condition, as determined by the street department of the city, within seven days. If not completed within this time, the street department may, at the city’s discretion, make the necessary repairs and bill the responsible person for the total labor, equipment, and material chargeable to the repairs, together with a reasonable fee for administration.

B. In the event that the repairs do not meet city specifications and it becomes necessary for the city to make repairs to streets which have been improperly repaired after installation of sewer line, an additional charge as set by city council in the master fee schedule per square foot of surfacing will be assessed to defray the cost of replacing said surface. [Ord. 16-14 § 7 (Att. G), 2014; Ord. 16-03 § 1, 2003].