Chapter 13.22


13.22.010    Methods and standards for examination of sewage.

13.22.020    Right of entry for inspection.

13.22.030    Discontinuance of water service authorized.

13.22.010 Methods and standards for examination of sewage.

All measurements, tests, and analyses of the characteristics of waters and wastes to which reference is made in this title shall be determined in accordance with Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 2005 Centennial Edition or the most current edition, published by the American Public Health Association, and shall be determined at the control manhole, or upon suitable samples taken at the control manhole. In the event that no special manhole has been required, the control manhole shall be considered to be the nearest downstream manhole in the public sewer to the point at which the building is connected. [Ord. 18-09 § 1, 2009; Ord. 16-03 § 1, 2003].

13.22.020 Right of entry for inspection.

The city engineer and other duly authorized employees of the city bearing proper credentials and identification shall be permitted to enter at reasonable hours upon all properties for the purposes of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, and testing, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 16-03 § 1, 2003].

13.22.030 Discontinuance of water service authorized.

Whenever the owner or occupant of any premises restrains authorized city employees from having necessary access to such premises, water service may be discontinued. [Ord. 16-03 § 1, 2003].