Chapter 17.79


17.79.010    Purpose.

17.79.015    Type of action.

17.79.020    Contents of a complete application.

17.79.030    Criteria for approval.

17.79.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the type of action, contents of a complete application, criteria for approval, and comprehensive plan and zoning requirements for annexations. An annexation is the addition of land to the corporate limits of the city. [Ord. 21-20 § 31, 2020].

17.79.015 Type of action.

An annexation is a Type VI action and shall be considered in accordance with the procedures for such actions as set forth in WRMC Title 14 and Chapter 35A.14 RCW, Annexation by Code Cities. [Ord. 21-20 § 31, 2020].

17.79.020 Contents of a complete application.

Information required to initiate annexation proceedings shall be as set forth in Chapters 35A.14 and 36.93 RCW. [Ord. 21-20 § 31, 2020].

17.79.030 Criteria for approval.

The planning commission shall review annexation requests and shall recommend appropriate zones for the land to be annexed. No property shall be annexed which is outside the adopted urban growth area. In reviewing annexation requests, the planning commission and city council shall consider and be guided by the following criteria:

A. The land use recommendations of the comprehensive plan;

B. The unique characteristics of the land or special circumstances of the owner(s);

C. The suitability of the owner’s wishes insofar as they are compatible with the orderly development and welfare of the city;

D. The establishment of transportation and utility access into, as well as through, the annexed parcel to provide for orderly traffic flow and access to adjacent parcels;

E. The practicality of the proposed zones with respect to present zones and to present and future utilities and service requirements;

F. The social and direct costs of the proposed zones affecting owners, developers, buyers, and citizens of West Richland;

G. The impact of the annexed parcel and recommended zones on the environment and public safety;

H. Provisions for a balance in the variety of land use patterns and population densities to ensure that growth is in the direction of balancing the residential economic levels and living styles of the present and future city;

I. The suitability of the present zoning, if zoned in Benton County, with respect to the comprehensive plan designation;

J. State annexation regulations as set forth in Chapters 35A.14 and 36.93 RCW; the ability of the city to provide public services at a level equal to or better than that available from current service providers;

K. The ability of the city to provide public services at the city’s adopted levels of service;

L. Whether the annexation would follow logical boundaries, such as streets, waterways, or substantial topographic changes;

M. Whether the annexation would eliminate an irregularity or irregularities in the city’s boundaries, thereby improving service delivery;

N. The relative costs to serve the proposed annexation versus the revenue to be derived from the annexation. [Ord. 21-20 § 31, 2020].