Chapter 19.10


19.10.010    Directional and informational signs.

19.10.020    Fuel price signs.

19.10.030    Multi-business wall sign.

19.10.040    Residential subdivision identification.

19.10.050    Service organization signs.

19.10.010 Directional and informational signs.

Directional and informational signs are incidental to primary and secondary signage, and are necessary for the efficient movement of bicycles, motorists and pedestrians, and for general public safety and public convenience.

A. Directional and information signs provide general information secondary to the advertisement of the use of the property on which it is located. These signs may be single- or double-faced and shall not exceed four square feet per face for information for pedestrians and 12 square feet per face for information for bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. Directional signs indicating entrance, exit, one-way circulation, drive-up window, and informational signs containing no advertising matter, beyond that necessary to accomplish their directional or information purpose, will not be considered advertising signs. Directional and informational signs not exceeding four square feet are exempt per WRMC 19.04.020.

B. The city of West Richland may enter into an agreement with the West Richland Chamber of Commerce to locate and maintain an off-premises directional and information sign for businesses at city entry points and arterial intersections to enhance business and economic development. The planning commission shall review the directional signs proposed under this agreement with a recommendation forwarded to the city council for approval. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.10.020 Fuel price signs.

Any business selling motor fuel to the public may have one permanently mounted fuel price sign on each street frontage providing direct vehicular entrance to the business. Such sign may be incorporated with the freestanding sign allowed in WRMC 19.08.060; however, in no instance may the fuel price sign itself exceed 12 feet in height and 18 square feet in area for each face with a maximum of two faces. Portable fuel price signs are not allowed. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.10.030 Multi-business wall sign.

A multi-business wall sign may identify the building name and/or address of a multi-business development, followed by tenant listings. The sign shall not exceed 16 square feet in area and shall not extend higher than eight feet above the ground. The sign shall be nonilluminated or front lit. A multi-business development with more than one street frontage may have a maximum of two multi-business wall signs. Combined dimensions of the two signs must be within the maximum allowable area of 16 square feet. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.10.040 Residential subdivision identification.

A. Single-Family Areas. One permanent area identification sign with or without flood lighting (maximum equivalent illumination of 400 watts incandescent light) and not exceeding 32 square feet with appropriate landscaping shall be located on land that is part of the subject development at the major entrance to a subdivision. The sign shall not exceed 10 feet in height. These signs and their accompanying landscaping shall not serve as a vehicle for the posting of temporary signs permitted by this title. The applicant shall assure the sign will be maintained through an agreement approved by the community development/planning director.

B. Multiple-Family Areas. For multiple-family residential areas, other than duplexes, one permanent externally illuminated building identification sign appropriate to the architectural style and landscape shall be permitted for each street frontage. These signs may be up to two square feet in size for each residential unit, but in no case shall a sign area be greater than 32 square feet and shall not exceed 10 feet in height. Illumination shall not exceed 400 watts. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.10.050 Service organization signs.

Service organizations signs may be allowed at gathering places in commercial and public facilities (PF) zoned districts, either on public right-of-way or on private property. Service organization signs shall not be permitted in residential zones and shall contain no advertising except community events and announcements. Each organization sign, symbol, or emblem on a public service sign shall not exceed four square feet in sign area. The signs shall be limited to a maximum of 50 square feet on any one side and shall not exceed 10 feet in height. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].