Chapter 20.12


20.12.010    Police power.

20.12.020    City remedies.

20.12.030    Other remedies.

20.12.040    No waiver.

20.12.050    Eminent domain.

20.12.010 Police power.

In accepting any license, franchise or lease, the grantee acknowledges that its rights hereunder are subject to the legitimate rights of the police power of the city to adopt and enforce general ordinances necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the public and it agrees to comply with all applicable general laws enacted by the city pursuant to such power. [Ord. 8-00 § 1, 2000].

20.12.020 City remedies.

The city may seek legal or equitable relief to enjoin any acts or practices and abate any condition which constitutes or will constitute a violation of the applicable provisions of this title. Violation of the terms of this title may also result in the revocation of any license, franchise or lease, approval, or permit issued or granted hereunder. [Ord. 8-00 § 1, 2000].

20.12.030 Other remedies.

Nothing in this title shall be construed as limiting any judicial remedies that the city may have, at law or in equity, for enforcement of this title. [Ord. 8-00 § 1, 2000].

20.12.040 No waiver.

The failure of the city to enforce any provision of this title on any occasion shall not operate as a waiver or estoppel of this right to enforce any provision of this title on any other occasion, nor shall the failure to enforce any prior ordinance affecting telecommunications facilities or telecommunications system grantees act as a waiver or estoppel against application of this title or any other provision of applicable law. [Ord. 8-00 § 1, 2000].

20.12.050 Eminent domain.

Nothing in this title shall be deemed or construed to impair or affect, in any way or to any extent, the city’s power of eminent domain. [Ord. 8-00 § 1, 2000].