Chapter 9.48


9.48.010    Prohibited.

9.48.010 Prohibited.

Every person who:

(1) Places or causes to be placed or allows to remain any personal property on any sidewalk, crosswalk or street, or who places or causes to be placed or allows to remain any personal property over any sidewalk, crosswalk, or street so as to constitute an obstruction or hazard; or

(2) Rides, drives, moves or propels any vehicle, except light carriages for the conveyance of children, invalid chairs or city equipment used for the collection of parking meter funds, on any sidewalk; or

(3) Owning, leasing, renting, or having care or charge of property maintains dirt, refuse matter, or any other thing on the property in such a manner that it may fall upon or accumulate upon the sidewalk or street is guilty of a misdemeanor. In all cases in which any dirt, refuse matter, or accumulation falls upon or is upon the sidewalk or street, it shall be the duty of the owner or the one having control of the premises from which the material fell to clear the material off the sidewalk and street; or

(4) Defaces the sidewalks in any way; or

(5) By any means whatsoever knowingly attracts the attention of pedestrians on the sidewalks, or pedestrians or motorists on the streets, so as to cause them to congregate on the sidewalks or streets and to obstruct or interfere with the free and uninterrupted use of the sidewalks or streets; or

(6) Removes any barrier placed across a street or sidewalk by an official of the city authorized to place the barrier or who drives or walks around or over the barrier; or

(7) Engages in the business of soliciting or who takes subscriptions for any magazine or periodicals for future delivery in or upon any public street, or sidewalk, or in any area or doorway or entrance way immediately abutting thereon, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 351 § 40, 1969)