Chapter 10.28


10.28.010    When vehicle may be impounded.

10.28.020    Impoundment procedure.

10.28.010 When vehicle may be impounded.

The city marshal or his duly authorized deputy is authorized to remove and impound vehicles from any public street, alley or other public place in any of the following circumstances:

(1) When such vehicle is obstructing traffic on any public street or alley and the person in charge of the vehicle is unable or refuses to remove it or provide for its removal;

(2) When such vehicle is left unattended upon any street or alley and is so parked illegally as to constitute a definite hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic;

(3) When such vehicle has been abandoned, discarded or junked and is placed or kept upon any public or private property or upon any public street or alley in violation of the ordinances of the city;

(4) When such vehicle has been parked or left standing in any public street or alley for a continuous period of time of more than 72 hours;

(5) In any other case wherein impoundment shall be authorized by any ordinance of the city. (Ord. 366 § 1, 1970)

10.28.020 Impoundment procedure.

(1) Vehicles impounded shall be removed to a place of storage designated or maintained by the marshal’s department, or to such other place of safety as the town marshal directs. In the event private storage and towing services are used, the marshal’s department shall provide the private firm with a written order to tow and store the vehicle.

(2) When any vehicle is impounded, the marshal’s department shall report the same to the Washington State Patrol and shall give notice to the registered and legal owner thereof, if the name and address of the owner can be ascertained.

(3) Notice of the impoundment of all abandoned vehicles shall be given as provided in Chapter 10.24 WMC.

(4) All costs incurred by the town in the removal and storage of an impounded vehicle shall be a lien upon the vehicle. The owner of an impounded vehicle may redeem the same, prior to its sale or other disposal as an abandoned vehicle, by the payment of all of such costs. In the case of abandoned vehicles, costs of removal and storage shall be recovered as provided for in Chapter 10.24 WMC. (Ord. 366 § 2, 1970)