Chapter 2.106


2.106.010    Established.

2.106.020    Purpose.

2.106.030    Function.

2.106.040    Permanent members.

2.106.050    Additional appointed members.

2.106.060    Term of office.

2.106.070    Organization – Meetings.

2.106.080    Staff and funding support.

2.106.090    Reporting.

2.106.010 Established.

There is hereby established a Whatcom County child and family well-being task force. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the Whatcom County child and family well-being task force is to continually review Whatcom governmental impact on children and families and make specific recommendations for improvements for all departments. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.030 Function.

The task force will consider input from diverse families throughout Whatcom County and evidence-based and promising practices and report on and make recommendations to county council, executive, and other appropriate officials regarding implementation of recommendations in the Whatcom Working Toward Well-being: An Action Plan for County Government (Action Plan) as adopted on February 4, 2020. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.040 Permanent members.

Members of the child and family well-being task force shall include the following 15 representatives, appointed by their designated agency:

A. Three representatives from families selected by Generations Forward Family Council;

B. One representative from Whatcom Early Learning Alliance;

C. One representative from Whatcom Taking Action for Children/Youth with Special Health Needs;

D. One representative from school superintendents (selected by superintendents);

E. One representative from department of children, youth and families (DCYF);

F. One representative from the Whatcom County health department (selected by health director);

G. One representative from public health advisory board (selected by PHAB);

H. One member of the Whatcom County council/health board;

I. Whatcom County executive or alternate;

J. One representative from city of Bellingham;

K. One representative from small cities (selected by the Small Cities Partnership);

L. One representative from Lummi Nation (selected by Lummi Nation);

M. One representative from Nooksack Tribe (selected by Nooksack Tribe).

These representatives are not subject to term limits. The individual agencies will determine who will represent them on the task force. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.050 Additional appointed members.

In addition to officials designated above, the child and family well-being task force shall include the following 15 members who represent at least one of the following experiences, appointed by the Whatcom County council:

A. Community members from under-represented communities: Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaska Native, Black/African American, immigrant, rural (up to five members);

B. Representative from a community action agency, nonprofit housing organization or social service agency (up to two members);

C. Representative from the faith community;

D. Representative from private school, home school, higher education or child care provider (up to two members);

E. Medical and behavioral health care provider serving young children and families;

F. Community members with experience caring for children such as parent, foster parent, grandparent, or guardian (up to three members);

G. Representative from private business, corporation, or philanthropic organization. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.060 Term of office.

The term of office for appointed members shall be four years; members may apply for and be appointed to an additional consecutive four-year term. Appointment of members shall comply with Chapter 2.03 WCC. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.070 Organization – Meetings.

A. Meetings of the task force shall be open and accessible to the public and shall be subject to the Open Public Meetings Act.

B. At every meeting, the task force will schedule an open session to take public comment.

C. Written records of meetings, resolutions, research, findings and recommendations shall be kept and such records shall be submitted to county staff and shall be made public, including posting on the county website.

D. The task force shall adopt its own rules and procedures for the conduct of business.

E. The task force shall elect co-chairs (including at least one representing family perspective) from among its members who shall preside at its meetings.

F. The task force shall determine its meeting schedule and agenda, but shall meet at least quarterly.

G. The task force may form and appoint ad hoc committees to work on specific issues, so long as at least two committee members are also members of each ad hoc committee. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.080 Staff and funding support.

The task force will have full support from the council, the county executive’s office, health department staff, and locally delivered paid consultant assistance to conduct and complete its tasks in an efficient and effective manner. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).

2.106.090 Reporting.

As outlined in the phases of the ordinance codified in this chapter and at least biannually thereafter, no later than March 30th and September 30th of each year, the task force will provide a report and recommendations to the county council and county executive on progress. (Ord. 2020-079 Exh. A).