Chapter 2.140


2.140.010    Established.

2.140.020    Purpose.

2.140.030    Function.

2.140.040    Qualifications.

2.140.050    Membership – Terms of office.

2.140.060    Ex-officio members.

2.140.070    Organization – Meetings.

2.140.080    Committee support.

2.140.010 Established.

There is hereby established the Whatcom County bicycle/pedestrian advisory committee. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.020 Purpose.

The committee is created to make recommendations to the Whatcom County executive, utilizing appropriate existing committees for parks, planning and public works, on matters relating to bicycle and pedestrian travel as a means of transportation and recreation. The focus of this committee will include, but not be limited to:

A. The creation of a system of designated bikeways and their connections with off-street trails; priorities for implementing new bikeway and walkway facilities;

B. Standards for the construction and delineating of such bikeways and walkways (including the upgrade of existing roadways); and

C. The development of information programs to promote safe usage of such facilities. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.030 Function.

The committee shall perform the following functions:

A. Map existing and potential bikeways and walkways in Whatcom County.

B. Maintain and update this map and make it available to county government and the public for planning purposes and for the promotion of safe bicycle and pedestrian travel.

C. Review and make recommendations for a priority ranked list of bikeway and walkway projects.

D. Promote design that is responsive to the requirements of bicycle and pedestrian travel applicable to new construction and the retrofitting of existing roadways.

E. Review and make recommendations regarding the county’s maintenance and resurfacing program including signage, striping, marking, drainage, curbing, and other improvements and intersections as they affect bikeways and walkways.

F. Advise county staff and law enforcement on issues, education and enforcement of pertinent existing laws and ordinances that pertain to bicycling and pedestrian issues.

G. Encourage citizen participation in identifying problems, assessing existing facilities, and planning and implementing new projects and programs.

H. Establish and maintain an official BPAC web site for promoting safe bicycling and walking, and communicating current relevant issues. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.040 Qualifications.

To qualify for appointment by the council and/or executive to fill any vacancy on a board, committee or commission, a person shall be a qualified registered voter, resident of the district, agency or group he or she is appointed to represent on a specific board, committee or commission, meeting all of the qualifications of Section 4.20 of the Whatcom County Charter. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.050 Membership – Terms of office.

Members shall be appointed by the Whatcom County executive and confirmed by the Whatcom County council. The membership shall consist of 11 voting members who are residents of Whatcom County. Applicants must have an interest in promoting the use of bicycle and pedestrian travel for transportation and recreation within the county, be able to work with others, and shall make a commitment to regularly attend scheduled meetings and to participate in the work of the committee. Appointments will be for four years, with the initial appointments staggered with three two-year appointments and four members for two-year terms and four members for four-year terms, to ensure continuity during changeover of membership. Members may be reappointed and may serve two full four-year terms without a break in service. If any member is absent without good cause from three consecutive regular meetings, the chairperson may declare this position vacant, ratified by a quorum majority vote. All terms will expire on December 31st in their year of completion. (Ord. 2001-025 Exh. A; Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.060 Ex-officio members.

Interested citizens may become nonvoting members of the subcommittees to assist with the work of the subcommittee. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.070 Organization – Meetings.

A. Meetings of the committee shall be accessible and open to the public and shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act.

B. The committee shall determine its own meeting schedule, but shall meet at least quarterly. At every meeting, the committee shall schedule an open session to take public comment on bicycle/pedestrian issues.

C. The committee shall adopt its own rules and procedures for the conduct of business.

D. The committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members who shall preside at its meetings. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.080 Committee support.

A. The Whatcom County parks and recreation department shall provide assistance to the committee as needed.

B. The committee may request from the executive’s office information from administrative departments as necessary.

C. The committee shall be responsible for developing meeting agendas and keep their own minutes. (Ord. 2001-013).