Chapter 2.21


2.21.010    Established – Composition.

2.21.020    Membership – Term of office.

2.21.030    Compensation for meeting attendance.

2.21.010 Established – Composition.

The Whatcom County board of equalization is established pursuant to Chapter 84.48 RCW and shall consist of five members, one from each council district. Three of the five members shall act as the board on a rotating basis. The board members shall be selected based upon the qualifications established by the Department of Revenue by rule and shall not be members of the Whatcom County council or hold any other elective office, or be employees of any elected official. (Ord. 2016-038 Exh. A; Ord. 95-044).

2.21.020 Membership – Term of office.

Board members shall be appointed by a majority of the Whatcom County council. Member terms shall be three years, or until their successors are appointed, pursuant to RCW 84.48.026. Each appointed member may be removed by a majority vote of the Whatcom County council. (Ord. 2016-038 Exh. A).

2.21.030 Compensation for meeting attendance.

As authorized by RCW 84.48.010, members of the board of equalization shall receive $75.00 per day for each day of actual attendance at a meeting of the board. (Ord. 2016-038 Exh. A; Ord. 95-044. Formerly 2.21.040).


Prior legislation: Res. 79-3 and Ords. 90-97 and 93-051.