Chapter 2.36


2.36.010    Established.

2.36.020    Powers.

2.36.030    Members – Appointment and terms.

2.36.040    Members – Replacement and removal.

2.36.050    Low-rent housing project.

2.36.010 Established.

Pursuant to RCW 35.82.030 the housing authority of Whatcom County is inaugurated and established as a public body corporate and politic for all of Whatcom County outside the corporate city limits of the city of Bellingham. (Prior code § 1.50.010).

2.36.020 Powers.

The housing authority of Whatcom County is authorized to transact business and to exercise the powers permitted by law. (Prior code § 1.50.020).

2.36.030 Members – Appointment and terms.

Five persons are appointed as members to the first board of the Whatcom County housing authority, to serve from the date of this appointment during the terms running from one year to four years respectively; provided, the chairman shall serve for a period of five years. (Prior code § 1.50.030).

2.36.040 Members – Replacement and removal.

The commissioners shall hold office until their successors have been appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed as provided in RCW Chapter 35.82. (Prior code § 1.50.040).

2.36.050 Low-rent housing project.

The Whatcom County executive, with the approval of the county council, enters into agreements on behalf of the county for the development, construction and ownership by the local authority of low-rent housing projects, developed or acquired by the local authority with financial assistance of the United States of America acting through the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, pursuant to an agreement entered into between Whatcom County and the Whatcom County housing authority dated September 5, 1972. (Ord. 93-048 (part); prior code § 1.50.050).