Chapter 2.88


2.88.010    Membership.

2.88.020    Organization.

2.88.030    Scope and responsibilities.

2.88.040    Grievance procedure.

2.88.010 Membership.

The county auditor, county treasurer, administrative services director and public works director or their delegates are members of the financial management working group (FMWG). In addition, a member shall be appointed by the committee to represent the special purpose districts that depend upon Whatcom County for accounting services. If a majority of the committee members determine that the services of other individuals are necessary to carry out the objectives of the committee, those individuals may be invited to participate in the deliberations of the working group as nonvoting members. Each member is required to have the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively monitor and administer the financial management system. (Ord. 2000-011; Ord. 90-16 § 1).

2.88.020 Organization.

The working group shall be organized in the manner deemed by the group members to be the most effective for the administration of the financial management system. Each member shall have one vote. If the committee is unable to reach agreement, or any member wishes to appeal a decision of the FMWG, the issue may be presented to the county executive for resolution. Matters involving the restructuring of duties and responsibilities which cannot be resolved by the FMWG or by the county executive may be presented to the county council for a final decision. In any such presentation, all sides of the issue will be presented to allow the executive or council to reach a decision that is responsive to the needs of county government and the citizens of Whatcom County. (Ord. 2000-011; Ord. 90-16 § 2).

2.88.030 Scope and responsibilities.

The financial management working group is assigned the following responsibilities:

A. The FMWG is responsible for making necessary policy recommendations to the county executive regarding issues that affect the financial management system.

B. Working within the policy directives established by the council, the executive and Whatcom County’s Home Rule Charter, the FMWG is responsible for drafting policies and procedures that are necessary for the administration of the financial management system. Policies of the FMWG shall be formally established by executive order before implementation. (Ord. 2000-011; Ord. 90-16 § 3).

2.88.040 Grievance procedure.

All financial management system users shall comply with the policies and procedures established for the administration of the system. Any system user that disagrees with a policy or procedure, or finds that compliance with the policy or procedure places an undue hardship on his or her department may request a waiver or change in the requirement. Requests must be received by the FMWG in writing and will be considered at the next regularly scheduled FMWG meeting. If the issue is not settled to the satisfaction of the user department, it may be taken to the county executive for resolution. In all cases the FMWG must act on a request before it can be referred to the executive. (Ord. 2000-011; Ord. 90-16 § 4).