Title 3


3.02    Financial Management System

3.04    Personnel System

3.05    Tort and Damage Claims

3.06    Grants

3.07    Biennial Budget

3.08    Purchasing System

3.09    Repealed

3.12    Repealed

3.16    Bonds

3.20    Real Estate Excise Tax

3.22    Telephone Access Lines Excise Tax

3.23    Excise Tax on Radio Access Lines

3.24    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.25    Conservation Futures Property Tax Levy and Fund

3.25A    Whatcom County Conservation Easement Program

3.26    Repealed

3.28    Open Space Land Classification

3.32    Local Sales and Use Tax

3.33    Sales and Use Tax for Funding Jails

3.34    Capital Improvement Fund

3.35    Sales and Use Tax for Funding Emergency Medical Services

3.36    Transient Occupancy Tax

3.37    Sales and Use Tax for Behavioral Health Services and Therapeutic Court Programs

3.38    Criminal Justice Sales and Use Tax

3.40    Tax on Bingo, Raffles, Punchboards, Pull Tabs and Public Cardrooms

3.44    Funds for Operation of Health District

3.45    Affordable and Supportive Housing Sales and Use Tax Fund

3.46    Affordable Housing Incentive Fund

3.47    Sales and Use Tax for Housing and Related Services

3.48    Timber Excise Tax

3.49    Lodging Tax

3.50    Repealed

3.52    Fee for Segregation of Special Assessments

3.56    NSF Checks

3.60    Investment of Excess Cash

3.64    Repealed

3.68    County Services – Advance Deposits

3.72    Construction Projects – Apprentice Requirements