Chapter 9.33


9.33.010    Exemption from state laws.

9.33.020    Disposition of certain forfeited firearms.

9.33.010 Exemption from state laws.

Whatcom County hereby exempts itself from the prohibitions outlined in Subsection 4 of Section 405 of Chapter 7 of the Washington Laws, 1994 First Special Session. (Ord. 94-038).

9.33.020 Disposition of certain forfeited firearms.

A. Firearms in the custody of the Whatcom County sheriff that have either been judicially forfeited and not ordered destroyed by the court and no longer needed as evidence, or those that have been forfeited due to a failure to make a claim under RCW 63.40.010 may, at the sheriff’s discretion, be disposed of by either trade to a licensed firearms dealer, public auction, retention for agency use, or destruction in accordance with the following provisions:

1. The trade or auctioning shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of RCW 9.41.098(2)(b)(ii).

2. Except as provided in subsection (A)(4) of this section, firearms that are illegal for any person to possess shall be destroyed.

3. A firearm shall be considered destroyed when it has been cut into pieces, melted down, or otherwise rendered inoperable and unable to be repaired.

4. In accordance with RCW 9.41.098(2)(c), antique firearms and firearms recognized as curios, relics, or of particular historical significance by the United States Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are exempt from destruction and shall be disposed of by auction or trade to licensed dealers.

5. The retention of forfeited firearms for agency use shall not exceed that percentage allowed by RCW 9.41.098(2)(b).

B. All proceeds, less associated costs, resulting from the disposition authorized herein shall be deposited into the Whatcom County general fund. (Ord. 2001-042).