Chapter 100.03


100.03.010    Statement of purpose.

100.03.020    Use – Appropriation.

100.03.010 Statement of purpose.

Consistent with RCW 86.15.130, the county treasurer shall establish a fund which shall receive all revenues collected on behalf of the Whatcom County flood control zone district. The county treasurer shall establish a similar fund for each flood control zone district subzone. Such funds shall be used for purposes consistent with resolutions of the board of supervisors and with Chapter 86.15 RCW, including construction, repair, maintenance and improvement of flood and stormwater control facilities, nonstructural storm and flood water hazard reduction projects, and other water resource management purposes. (Res. 2008-080 Exh. A).

100.03.020 Use – Appropriation.

Any interest or other income earned on the investment of funds from each of the flood control zone district funds shall be deposited to and retained by each fund for future appropriation. By interlocal agreement, the district and the county will provide for payment to the county for the cost of financial management services provided to the district by the treasurer’s office. (Res. 2008-080 Exh. A).