Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Purpose.

16.24.020    Reserved.

16.24.030    CTR plan administration.

16.24.040    Applicability.

16.24.050    Notification.

16.24.060    Schedule of penalties.

16.24.070    Appeals.

16.24.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish CTR program requirements for affected employers within unincorporated Whatcom County. These requirements will promote alternative commute modes and reduce the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per employee and the proportion of single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips, decreasing traffic congestion, automobile‑related air pollution and energy use within Whatcom County. (Ord. 99-016 § 1; Ord. 97-011 § 1).

16.24.020 Definitions.*

Reserved. (Ord. 99-016; Ord. 97-011 § 2).

*For definitions, see Attachment 1 to Ordinance 99-016 on file in the office of the clerk of the council.

16.24.030 CTR plan administration.

A. CTR Plan for Whatcom County. The CTR plan for Whatcom County is set forth in Attachment 1 attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and is wholly incorporated herein by reference as and for the CTR plan for Whatcom County.

B. Interlocal Agreement/Responsible Agency. In order to ensure consistency and flexibility, Whatcom County has determined that it is within the best interest of the public to enter into an Interlocal Agreement (pursuant to Chapter 39.34 RCW and RCW 70.94.527) with the Whatcom County council of governments. The Whatcom County council of governments is hereby designated as the lead agency responsible for implementing and administering the CTR plan of Whatcom County and CTR ordinance.

C. Administrative Procedures. Whatcom County council of governments is hereby authorized to develop and adopt, in consultation with the affected local jurisdictions, such administrative rules and procedures as necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 99-016 § 2; Ord. 97-011 § 3).

16.24.040 Applicability.

The requirements of this chapter shall apply to all affected employers at a single worksite within unincorporated Whatcom County. (Ord. 99-016 § 3; Ord. 97-011 § 4).

16.24.050 Notification.

A notice of the availability of the CTR plan and this chapter shall be published at least once in the official Whatcom County newspaper within 30 days of passage of the ordinance codified in this chapter. (Ord. 99-016 § 4; Ord. 97-011 § 5).

16.24.060 Schedule of penalties.

The penalty for noncompliance with the requirements of the attached CTR plan shall be $100.00 per violation per day. (Ord. 99-016 § 5; Ord. 97-011 § 6).

16.24.070 Appeals.

A. CTR Appeals Board. The Whatcom County council will serve as the CTR appeals board for employers in unincorporated Whatcom County. The Whatcom County council of governments will provide technical support to the Whatcom County council as needed to fulfill this duty.

B. Appeals Process. Any affected employer may appeal administrative decisions regarding exemptions, goal modifications, program element modifications, and violations to the CTR appeals board. In the event of a violation, the affected employer shall be notified of the intent to impose penalties and the manner in which penalties may be appealed. (Ord. 99-016 § 6; Ord. 97-011 § 7).