Chapter 20.91


20.91.010    Purpose.

20.91.020    Developer incentives.

20.91.030    Density credit price and timing.

20.91.010 Purpose.

The overall purposes of this chapter are to incentivize increased land use intensity in urban growth areas and decrease residential density in agricultural and rural areas by authorizing density credits. Density credits allow increased density in exchange for a voluntary contribution towards preserving agricultural lands and open space. This is accomplished through a voluntary payment of funds to Whatcom County for use in the agricultural purchase of development rights program (Chapter 3.25A WCC) in order to allow a higher density as specifically set forth in the Whatcom County Zoning Code. (Ord. 2017-062 § 3 Exh. C).

20.91.020 Developer incentives.

Density credits may be used to gain the following benefits:

(1) Resort Commercial Zone in the Birch Bay Urban Growth Area. Each density credit purchased allows one additional single-family residential dwelling in the Resort Commercial zone up to the limit on total dwelling units set by WCC 20.85.108. (Ord. 2017-062 § 3 Exh. C).

20.91.030 Density credit price and timing.

The price per density credit is set by the county council in the Unified Fee Schedule. If a developer using density credits is granted initial PUD approval pursuant to WCC 22.05.120, the required number of density credits shall be purchased from Whatcom County prior to final PUD approval under WCC 20.85.365. (Ord. 2017-062 § 3 Exh. C).