Title 23


23.05    Administrative Procedures

23.10    Purpose and Intent

23.20    Goals and Objectives

23.30    Shoreline Jurisdiction and Area Designations

23.40    Shorelines of Statewide Significance

23.50    Applicability and Nonconforming Uses

23.60    Shoreline Permits and Exemptions

23.70    Administration

23.80    Legal Provisions

23.90    General Policies and Regulations

23.100    Shoreline Use Policies and Regulations

23.110    Definitions



Citizens’ Advisory Committee Members

Roger Almskaar

Margaret (Peg) Larson

Kathy Berg

Rebecca O’Brine Willson

Elizabeth Daly

Skip Richards

Richard Gilda

Aubrey Stargell

David Haggith

Wendy Steffensen

Technical Advisory Committee Members

Lummi Nation – Stacy Fawell, Jeremy Freimund, Alan Chapman

Nooksack Tribe – Llyn Doremus, Treva Coe, Ned Currence

Small Cities Caucus – Rollin Harper

Port of Bellingham – Sylvia Goodwin, Alan Birdsall

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife – Pam Erstad, Dan Penttila, Steve Seymour

Washington State Department of Natural Resources – David Roberts, Nancy Joseph

Washington State Department of Ecology – Barry Wenger, Stephen Stanley, Susan Meyer

Whatcom Conservation District/NRCS – George Boggs

Puget Sound Action Team – Hillary Culverwell

Whatcom County Watershed Improvement Districts – Henry Bierlink

Whatcom County River and Flood Division – Paula Cooper, Paul Pittman

Whatcom County Water Resources Division – John Thompson, Erika Stroebel

Whatcom County Public Works – Steve Fox

Drayton Harbor Shellfish Protection District – Peter Downey


The Whatcom County Shoreline Management Program was originally adopted on May 27, 1976, with subsequent Department of Ecology approval on August 27, 1976. The program was first amended on June 26, 1978. Subsequent amendments and their County Council adoption dates are as follows:

1. January 21, 1982, File No. SPA 1-81: Text amendments in response to proposed Chicago Bridge and Iron development at Cherry Point, Sections 6.5.4.B(2)(a), 6.9.3.B(2), 6.9.5.B(5)(b), and 8.6.2.D.

2. February 5, 1982, File No. SPA 2-81: Text amendments relating to agriculture development, Sections 6.2.3.B.1(d), 6.2.3.B.1(e), 6.2.3.C(1), 6.2.3.C(2), and 6.2.3.C(3).

3. April 3, 1982, File No. SPA 3-81: Text amendments relating to aquaculture developments, Sections 6.3.1.B, 6.3.1.D, 6.3.3.E, and 6.3.4.A(6)(a).

4. January 22, 1983, File No. SPA 1-82: Text amendments relating to stream control works and hydropower development, Sections 6.6 (the entire section), 6.13.2.J, 6.13.5.C(1) and Appendix C definitions of Industrial Development and Stream Control Works.

5. March 2, 1985, File No. SPA 1-84: Map amendment for 660 feet of shoreline in Lummi Bay from “Conservancy” to “Rural.”

6. June 9, 1987, File No. SPA 1-86: “Cherry Point Management Unit,” map and text amendments, Section 23.100.210.

7. November 16, 1989, File No. 89-100 SMP: Text amendment to allow the land application of waste waters used in processing fruits and vegetables as a Conditional Use.

8. April 27, 1993, File No. 01-89 SMP: Program update.

9. July 1, 1997, File No. 05-97 ZT: Text amendments to comply with requirements of the Growth Management Act, Chapter 173-27 WAC, and related changes in terminology.

10. September 23, 1997, File No. 11-97 SMP: Text amendments to allow use of civil penalties.

11. Cherry Point amendments for Gateway Industrial Pier Settlement Agreement.

12. February 27, 2007, File No. 2004-27: Comprehensive text amendments to comply with revised Shoreline Management Guidelines, Chapter 173-26 WAC.